Monday, November 9, 2009

Father of the Year

Micheal Lohan is a scumbag.

The kind of scumbag that looks at his daughter's personal problems and thinks "this oughta be worth some dough."

Here's a picture of him creeping out Kim Kardashian.

Do you know how hard it is to creep out someone who lives with Bruce Jenner?

Anyway, according to the New York Post which, I know, is not exactly a reputable source, but in this case I believe them, Mike has been somehow taping phone conversations between daughter Lindsey and her mother. And trying to sell them.

[Micheal Lohan] at first demanded $100,000 for his story and secret recordings of daughter Lindsay and wife Dina. . . Lohan had been shopping his tapes around TV networks but was turned down, and eventually struck a deal with to reveal the tapes for free, followed by a paid interview.