Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Persecution of Sarah Palin

It's just not fair! Poor Sarah Palin keeps getting picked on for no good reason!

If you don't believe me, just check out this new book about some stuff that happened!

And Matthew Continetti really knows what he's talking about. He is an associate editor at third-rate wingnut liar rag "The Weekly Standard"

So what does Mr Continetti have to say on the subject? Well, I'm sure as hell not going to buy a copy to find out, but let's see what I can find on the old web.

Here's an excerpt from the website "Conservative Book Service"

How the liberal media elite tried to destroy Sarah Palin -- and why their vicious tactics didn't work

The Persecution of Sarah Palin: How the Elite Media Tried to Bring Down a Rising Star

by Matthew Continetti

They did it to Dan Quayle, they did it to George W. Bush, and they've done it to numerous other conservative politicians:

Yes, they made Quayle and Bush incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence!
Actually, that's not really fair. Quayle could at least form sentences. The sentences were usually pretty stupid, but at least they were sentences. Bush? Not so much.

liberal media talking heads and late-night comedians chortle repeatedly and relentlessly over their flubs, their gaffes, their errors --

Does it ever occur to these folks that the actual problem is the flubs, gaffes and errors? Not the comedians pointing them out? Are Letterman, Leno, etc. just supposed to pretend that Bush wasn't saying exceptionally stupid things?

The plan is to get the whole country laughing at the victim of this tactic, so that his effectiveness on the national stage is ended, and his political career in ruins.

Honest to God! Do You really think that Jay Leno has an agenda beyond getting good ratings? If the Bush jokes or the Quayle jokes bombed, don't you think they'd find another subject of mockery? Do you think that the late-night comedians had a plan to destroy Paris Hilton's political career? No, she just made it easy for them, just like Quayle did, like Bush did, and like Palin does.

Another fearless conservative who has outlasted the liberal attack machine is Sarah Palin.

If by "outlast" you mean quits halfway through her first term, then yeah.

Continetti, a Weekly Standard staff writer, shows how quickly the liberal media turned on this small-town girl with lots of charm and ambition, who had a stellar record as Alaska Governor and impeccable credentials as a truly maverick politician.

Wow! Those sure are some credentials!

Honestly, a stellar record? Really? Do you know what stellar means?

America was initially enthralled with Palin

If by enthralled, you mean scratching their heads and saying "Sarah who?"

America was initially enthralled with Palin – but then came the avalanche of stories about her alleged mistakes in interviews, her daughter's out-of- wedlock pregnancy, her lack of experience, and worse.

You know how those stories could have been avoided? By not making embarrassing mistakes in interviews, by teaching her daughter how to avoid getting pregnant (rhymes with schmondom) and by having some relevant experience. And I don't know if you noticed, but Barack Obama's lack of experience was also a common theme in stories about him.

Corruption charges materialized out of nowhere.

Well, technically, most of them materialized out of her corrupt actions, but let's not split hairs.

Even her campaign wardrobe came under unprecedented scrutiny, as the Leftist elites pulled out all the stops in an effort to destroy her.

Did her $150,000 wardrobe get more negative attention than John Edwards' $400 haircut? Why would you expect Palin to not face the same kind of criticism that Edwards did?

I have a theory about these people. The sort of people who find Sarah Palin inspiring. I'm starting to think that they really can't distinguish between fairness and special treatment. That's why, for instance whenever there are gay people who want equal treatment, who want the same rights as breeders, the Palin types immediately start screaming about gay people wanting "special treatment" or "special rights." I used to think they knew that they were full of shit, but I'm starting to think that maybe they really can't tell the difference.

Maybe that's why when Palin gets asked a question that is absolutely typical of the type of questions asked of every political candidate, they really seem to believe that this is an unfair, "gotcha" question.

And seriously, who can't answer the question "what newspapers and magazines do you read?" Stop anyone on the street and ask them that question. They'll be able to tell you. I could abswer that question off the top of my head, and I'm not qualified to run for dogcatcher, let alone V.P.

Here's another excerpt, this time from "One News Now" the organization who sent me the e-mail alerting me to this book's existence:

Continetti says Sarah Palin represents most of what the left dislikes about the U.S. and wants to change. "She's a forthright Christian. She is a pro-life woman who doesn't subscribe to the establishment feminist narrative, and she hasn't hailed from elite schools on the east or west coast -- and yet she still claims to speak for Americans and presents a challenge to the Democratic Party," the associate editor notes.
Yes, she presents a challenge to the Democratic Party, the same way that the Central High Fightin' Spartans present a challenge to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And I believe that the "establishment feminist narrative" would be something along the lines of "women are capable of holding any office, even governor or president" so Ms Palin might be seen as subscribing to that narrative.

Continetti contends the most egregious myth the media spread about Palin was that she is not the mother of her youngest child, Trigg. This rumor "emerged from far-left websites and then parroted on more prominently trafficked websites and then launched into kind of the ether there, being repeated actually in newspaper accounts of controversies surrounding Palin," Continetti explains. "I think that is probably the most disgusting, and I think Palin would agree."

Yeah, that rumor might have been more offensive if Sarah Palin hadn't hidden her pregnancy, and if it hadn't turned out that her teenage daughter actually was pregnant. When you've got the pregnant teen daughter, and the surprise birth from mom, you can see how that rumor could get started, right? Ordinarily, if blogger people were accusing someone's underaged, un-wed daughter of being pregnant, some righteous indignation might be in order. But if your underaged, un-wed daughter really is pregnant, well your phony outrage rings a little hollow.

Continetti says since Palin energized the Republican grassroots more than any other political figure in the 2008 campaign, she represented a threat to Barack Obama, and now she is a symbol of "someone who doesn't sit down and shut up when the liberal media and Democratic elites tell them to."

Yeah, that was actually the McCain staffers begging Palin to sit down and shut up.

One last thing. From "conservative Book Service"
One of the bullet points from their review:

The Bridge to Nowhere Project: How Sarah Palin ended this waste of taxpayers' money, but the media elites chose to highlight instead her initial support for the project -- in order to make her seem to be a conniving opportunist

I don't even have a joke here. Just reading that bullet point made me laugh out loud.
How dare the liberal media point out that Palin supported the Bridge to Nowhere before she opposed it? That would be like highlighting John Kerry's changes of mind. And they would certainly never have done that!

What a freaking joke.