Friday, June 20, 2014

What the hell is it with these people?

Why is it that certain, shall we say conservative-leaning, white people spend so much time trying to find some loophole, some scenario in which it's okay for them to say the N-word?

Tea Party Hero Joe Walsh Kicked Off The Air For Using The N-Word

By Scarce June 20, 2014 4:23 am

 At least this idiot comes up with a new fake pathetic rationale. I just assumed he'd go with the Dr. Laura "hey, if the black people can say that word why can't I?' logic. No, America's most famous deadbeat dad has a whole new line of reasoning which is equally stupid. Well, let's just let him explain it in this series of tweets.

Yeah, ya do.  You know exactly why.

Hmm, I wonder what those "other words" might be?
You know, every radio and tv outlet has their own standards for which words they consider too offensive. Like you can say "fuck" on HBO, but not on Comedy Central. You can say "shit" on Comedy central, but not on the Hallmark Channel.
In fact, not to digress, but I remember seeing Patton Oswalt on tv talking about his Comedians of Comedy show, and he said that the network would allow hin to say the word "dick" if it referred to a person who is a jerk, but he could not use the same word if it referred to a man's organ. His conundrum was this: what if some guy's penis is a racist? What if his "dick" is a real "dick?" Then what? Well, it was funny the way he said it.

Anyway, my point is that there's really no mystery here. There's nothing strange about a radio station deciding that this particular racial slur is okay to say on the air, but another one isn't. No matter how much you pretend to be just completely flummoxed by this inconsistency.

You know, a decent person would ask "if 'Redskins' is just like the n-word, then why the hell are we allowed to say 'Redskins?'" But you, being more of a shitweasel than a decent human being, of course want to know why can't you say the N-word.

Well, hallelujah!

Oh, yes. Of course. That's what you were trying to do. Trying to have an honest discussion about racist language. Yes, obviously. What could be a more honest discussion of such a controvbersial topic than "hey, how come I can't say n***er?"

Yeah, there's really not much to explain. You used offensive language on the air, so the radio station fired you or suspended you or whatever, as is their right. And, under FCC regulations, may actually be their obligation, I'm not sure. But anyway,no explanation is required. It's like saying "well, I robbed a liquor store, so I'm being arrested. . . you know what, it's a long story, I'll explain it to you later."

And there it is.
You just couldn't resist, could you. You just had to find a way to say the N-word.

What the hell is it with you people? Of all the things you could be doing with your time, of all the "rights" you could be standing up for, you have to dedicate your efforts to somehow coming up with some way that it's okay for you to say the N-word. Why would you even want to say that word? It's a horrible word. And if you honestly think that "Cracker" or "Redneck Bible Thumper" are in any way its equivalent, then you are are even stupider than I thought.