Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh, Now I get It! Thanks, ColleenQ

Top 007 Rejected Names for Bond Girls

Somehow, James Bond movies came up in conversation the other day. Between myself and the Mrs, we had seen exactly two and had no interest in seeing any of the others, but we were laughing about how the female characters in the Bond films all seem to have names like "Pussy Galore" or "Holly Goodhead." So I came up with a few others. I apologize in advance for these.
Aura Lee

Pantie McNipples

Dumi Nao

Erin Tercourse

Constance Ecks
Captain Fellatio Hornblower

You're Baron Von Fulkrotch's daughter, aren't you? 

 Flavor Fulkrotch?

I'm so very very sorry!

Oh, I almost forgot:

Estie Dees.