Friday, October 7, 2011

Start Baking!

Check your calenders, Oct. 9 is "Pro-Life Cupcake Day!"


Cupcakes were designed with birthdays in mind.  However, not everyone has been allowed to be born.  In fact, one in four children will never celebrate their first birthday due to abortion.  We simply do not think it is far [sic] that so many children never get to have a birthday party.  So, we thought that we would schedule a day to remember the children who will never get to blow out candles, unwrap gifts and enjoy some cake.
Every year, on October 9th, we bake thousands of cupcakes and hand them out for free.  When people ask why, we explain that we are remembering these children and honoring their birthday.  Join us in celebrating these lives and remembering the children who will never have a cupcake!

 So, okay, pro-life cupcakes. let's get baking. let's bake cupcakes for every soldier and civilian who will never see another birthday because of our brutishly stupid wars. Let's bake one for Troy Davis and every other executed prisoner who will never get another birthday because it's better to kill an innocent man than to look weak by not killing anyone at all.
Let's bake cupcakes for everyone who has died of an easily curable disease because they could not afford medical care.
Let's bake a cupcake for Matthew Shepard and every other LGBT person who will never see another birthday because of the bigoted hatred being celebrated this weekend at the "Values Voter Summit."
And how about a cupcake for every kid who has taken his own life because he could no longer tolerate the vicious hatred.
While we're at it, let's bake a cupcake for each of the 17 million American kids who face "food insecurity" on a daily basis. It might be the only dinner they get.

P.S.  I can't put my finger on it, but there's something really disturbing about saying that a bunch of kids have been killed, then say that you are "celebrating." Also, to bemoan the fact that these kids will never get to eat cupcakes while conspicuously enjoying cupcakes just seems to be in really bad taste.