Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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Hey Brent Bozell, Shut Your Goddamn Fat Yap You Little Piece of Shit!


Bozell's going to trash talk Jimmy Carter? Where does he get off? Here's what Bozell had to say about the former president on Sean Hannity's Mish-Mash Media Bullshit Buffet, or whatever:

BOZELL: You know, first comment on President Carter. Doesn't he sound like that proverbial college freshman who spouts neo-Marxist pablum after one too many hits on the bong? I mean he... Mr. President, it's time, you know it's time to put up shutters in your houses and really shut up now because you are making a fool of yourself.

Oh, Hell No!

Do you know what Jimmy Carter does all day? He eradicates diseases. Seriously. The Carter Foundation is largely responsible for Guinea Worm being on the brink of  eradication. In 1986, when he first went after Guinea Worm, there were 3.5 MILLION cases of the disease in 20 countries. In 2009, there were 3,200 cases in 4 countries.
 Now he's working on eliminating River Blindness. And Trachoma and Malaria. When he's not building houses for Habitat.

And what is it you do again, Mr. Bozell? You used to run the Parents Television Council which meant that you got paid wingnut welfare to watch risque' TV shows then fan your self and gasp "I Never!" while telling people that "hey, don't let your kids watch Sex & The City, it has sex in it!"

Now you run the Media research Council which consists mainly of watching news programs and complaining that they aren't fawning over Sarah Palin. In a way, it's a sort of impressive resume', you've figured out a way to make a living watching TV. But let's stack up your accomplishments against Jimmy Carter's.

You: President of the "Tsk, Tsk that show is naughty!" foundation.
Him: President of the United States of America

You: Bachelor's degree, University of Dallas
Him: Graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Anapolis Maryland

You: Getting paid to watch TV and get indignant.
Him: Wiping out diseases.

Him: Nobel Peace Prize Recipient
You: Once gave a prize to Stan Evans. (yeah, I don't know who that is either)

Him: Negotiated a lasting peace between Israel and Egypt
You: Once got between Hannity and Colmes

Him: Created the Superfund, setting aside millions of dollars to clean up toxic waste.
You: Created phony research that caused your organization to be sued by the WWF and lose $3.5 Million


So shut your goddamn fat yap, Bozell. You are not fit to polish Jimmy Carter's shoes. You contribute nothing to society except adding to the amount of bullshit with your ridiculous claims that the multi-billion dollar corporations are spending millions of dollars to aquire media outlets in order to put out left-wing propoganda. And getting paid handsomely to do so. You're either incredibly stupid or completely dishonest, and I don't care enough about you to put in the time to try and figure out which. Because you are nothing. You are a revolting slug that Jimmy Carter should step on if he weren't so nice.

Oh, here's the clip, if you have the stomach for it:

My Congressman Is Cooler Than Your Congressman