Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Terrible Ad Campaigns

Coors Light.

First of all, This is just a bad product.
How desperate for a buzz would someone have to be to pour this unpleasant-tasting fluid into his mouth? But that's not even the point.

The marketing campaign. That's the point.

First off, they're going with the tagline "Cold as the Rockies?" Is anyone falling for this? Your "beer" is exactly the same temperature as any other brand in the cooler. If you leave it out it gets warm, just like any other beverage. Put it in the fridge, it gets cold. Same as any other beverage.

Is anyone seeing this and thinking "Gee, I do enjoy beverages that are cold, I guess I'll give this Coors Light a try--aw, crap! It's horrible!"

Then there's this astounding innovation:

The label turns blue so you know its cold. Seriously. This is what their R+D people spend their time coming up with. You know how everyone else tells whether their beer is cold? They TOUCH THE BOTTLE! It's really not that tricky. If the bottle feels cold, the liquid inside the bottle is probably also cold. So, I guess the target market for this campaign is people who are too stupid to figure out the "touching it" trick, actually believe that one brand of beer is colder than another, and have no taste buds.

Actually, yeah, that's probably going to be a pretty successful campaign. Good job, Coors.