Friday, November 19, 2010

Marlo Thomas

Apparently, you, dear readers are the target market for Marlo Thomas.Com, because she put an ad on my blog. I guess the dozen or so people who remember who Marlo Thomas is must all be Daily Irritant followers. I'm so proud!

marlo It's about us... you and me!

Oh really? Who's going to break the news to Phil? 

Let's see what Ms. Thomas has to offer.


If weather reports were always this funny, I'd be watching them every night! –MT ... See Today's Laugh
 Oh My God, do you know how old this clip is? Joel McHale is sick of this clip. Everyone has seen this clip, Marlo! Everyone's mom has forwarded this clip to them already. 
What else ya got?

  • A Personal Story Red

    A Personal Story: Red

    This story is so wonderfully inspirational – it’s from a woman who lost the color in her life, and how she got it back.
    Oh, that might be interesting, let's hear the story.

 It was March 17, 2001. To many, it was just another Saturday. For me, it was the day I surrendered to a world of sameness. I changed the color of my nails from the perfect shade of red to a simple, but quiet, French manicure.

What? That's how you lost your color? You changed nail polish? How is that. . . you know what, forget it. I've already lost interest. I can't imagine even marlo finds this story the least bit interesting.

Marlo Thomas

I love this story about recovering your vibrancy, your zest. Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt as if you'd lost your own red? How did you get it back                                         I can't wait to hear from you.

Oooookayyyyy. . .  if you're like Marlo and you find this sort of self-indulgent tripe fascinating, you can read the rest of the story here: LINK Although, you can also get there by clicking on the ad Ms. Thomas has placed on the Irritant. Then she has to pay me a couple of bucks. Something to consider!


And speaking of self-indulgent drivel, here's one of Ms Thomas's most popular articles:

Most Popular

My Favorite Nail Style: French Manicure - Marlo Thomas

 I love the way my nails look when they have a fresh new manicure, and I indulge in a mani/pedi as often as I can. I never use color polish, because it's so noticeable when it chips off – and I'm so busy that it always does

 Oh, my God seriously? Busy? Busy doing what? Trying to exhume your acting career? (zing!)

  • Where to Find Me My Crazy Schedule

    Where to Find Me
    My Crazy Schedule

    I'm traveling the country this fall talking about my new book and this new site – I hope you come out to meet me! Check out my calendar of upcoming events, as well as videos of my TV appearances.

    Oh. Touche! Sitting down to talk with Regis or the View ladies, yeah, that must be hell on the old manicure!

    So if you are not like Marlo and you actually have a little time to spare in your busy day, why not click on to Marlo Thomas Dot Com. You'll be glad you did! Or wait, not "glad." What's the word, um. . . regretful? Yeah, that's it1 You'll be regretful!