Monday, April 4, 2016

Your Liberal Media Strikes Again!

I am so sick of this shit

Really? John Kasich? John Kasich should be HRC's running mate?
First of all, just assuming that she's going to win when Bernie Sanders is still very much alive in this race is total bullshit. And how Chris Matthews is allowed to opine on the Democratic Party when Hillary Clinton is helping Mathews' wife run for some office or other is, well, I was going to say "shocking," but sadly, I'm not shocked at all.

But setting that aside, this is the same bullshit we've been hearing since at least 1992. When Bill Clinton won with a plurality of votes, the punditocracy came out with the idea that since Clinton didn't have a "mandate," he should really consider putting at least one Republican in his cabinet. Of course, 8 years later when G.W. Bush "won" with an actual minority of the popular vote, no such similar trope was trotted out. It was full steam ahead, time to re-make this country in the image of Dubya!
Now Matthews wants John Kasich to be Hillary's running mate? Fuck that!
First of all, I am so sick of the double standard that Democrats are always expected to reach out across the aisle and offer olive branches and compromise and yada, yada, yada.
Republicans are encouraged to play to their base. Democrats are always encouraged to ignore, abandon, and even repudiate theirs. Every Democratic candidate is supposed to come up with his/her own "Sister Souljah" moment to prove that they aren't beholden to the populist left.

Also, since when is John Kasich a "moderate?"
Sure, he doesn't froth at the mouth like Ted Cruz or encourage violence at his rallies like Trump, but since when does being relatively sane equal moderation?
Just Google Kasich + moderate and you'll find inconvenient facts like:

In 2013, Kasich approved a budget that included some of the harshest anti-abortion legislation in the country. . .
The only state in America that has closed more clinics than Ohio is the state of Texas. Ted Cruz had better watch his back if he wants to remain the poster boy for right-wing extremism.  John Kasich might give him a run for his money.  (Salon)

Across the state he has made an enemy of public sector unions, teachers and environmentalists with attacks on collective bargaining, cuts to funding of public schools alongside scandals in the charter school education sector, and enthusiastic support for oil and gas production via fracking – even though that has not brought as much prosperity to the state as some think. (

He would cut the top marginal tax rate to 28 percent, reduce the capital gains tax to 15 percent and repeal the estate tax, a long-standing conservative goal.
Kasich wants to cut Social Security as part of his plan to balance the budget. When a New Hampshire audience member said a lower monthly benefit would be a problem for him, Kasich told him to “get over it.” (MSNBC)

And this is the guy Matthews thinks should be added to the DEMOCRATIC ticket. Fuck Chris Matthews. That guy is the absolute worst!