Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Heavens, I've been cited!

Someone has cited me in a footnote!

And yes, that person does appear to be an imbecile of some sort, or maybe a lunatic.

The article in which I am cited is entitled:

It’s cool to be in the Brother-hood

(the "brotherhood" in question being the Masonic, Satanic, Jewish Nazi conspiracy thing)

And here is what it is about:

The gradual increase in Masonic symbolism being constantly seen in mainstream advertising, and that the public’s own interest, – especially so amongst the younger generations in this subject seems to be growing at a rapid rate.  No doubt Hollywood films, the music industry, TV programmes and authors such as Dan Brown and his books; The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol, and other many hundreds of films such as, – though it must be said it’s predominately about werewolves and vampires, it still has an New Moon Rising underlining current of the occult, aspects of Freemasonry-the brotherhood and its symbolism in particular prevails throughout it.

(I did not edit that paragraph. That is precisely how the author wrote it. I swear.)

Any way, several paragraphs later, you get this:

So here we have this constant odd theme, that on one hand appears to be in opposition, i.e. ‘Nazi/Fascism v All things Jewish’, when in fact they appear to be in unison; sending out subliminal messages in different directions, yet meeting up at the same destination; ‘Freemasonry’. [3]

And footnote # 3?

 [3] “The Daily Irritant: How to Become A Music Star. .

I couldn't be prouder!

And I think it's about time that I be cited in serious academic research! After all, who better to quote on the subject of Freemasonry than some dork with a blogspot account who named himself after a cartoon character? Obviously, someone like that must have some pretty astute insight!
Hey, wait. That's not funny.

Anyway, if you're interested in learning about all the secrets of the New World Order or whatever, the best source to consult is a post I tossed up there in Jan, 2010: