Monday, October 1, 2018

They Just Keep Getting Dumber

I thought the Kavanaugh supporters had reached peak stupid when they all got excited over that guy who used Googl;e maps ans Zillow to "prove" that it couldn't have been Kavanaugh who assaulted young Christine Blasey (Ford) and was, in fact, another guy who maybe sorta resembled  Kavanaugh - which is libel and I hope to God the "doppelganger" sues the hell out of that idiot.
 I thought that was as dumb as they could get.
Then I went on Twitter.
And I was introduced to some person or persons called "Well Aware 1."

According to Well Aware 1, Brett Kavanaugh could not possibly have assaulted young Christine Blasey because Christine Blasey -Ford DOES NOT EXIST!

Not only is the woman purporting to be Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford N OT CDr. Christine Blasey Ford, the deep state or whoever is trying to "take down" poor sweet innocent Brett, hired an actress to pretend to be her.

And not some unknown aspiring thespian that no one would recognize. No, they went out and hired television and film star Amy Schumer to play the part!

amy schumer and Ford

Yes, as teens, Christine Blasey and Amy Schumer had very similar-looking smiles. So why would you think it matters that their eyes and noses are different? And their cheekbones/? As any police detective or prosecuter will tell you "if the smile is the same, you've got the same dame!"

And it's not just this one photo, just listen to all the sciencey parts that make up this airtight case of  face science:

For facial landmarks, we have to look at the structure due to the makeup used, and we can see the glabella and philtrum are a match.  Its impossible to change the distance between the eyes but it can be done with lens distortion.  So a single means of biometric measurement cannot be used to count out a person, but it can be used along with other methods to confirm.  The sum of the biometric information in this investigation is unquestionable.
Amy schumer is Dr Forn
A graphic Jon from our team created to demonstrate the facial shape is the same. Even her hair growth pattern is the same.  Or her style with her extensions has not been changed is more the case.

Look, it's pretty obvious that if you cut out some parts of Dr. Balsey-Ford's face and paste them over Amy Schumer's face, Amy Schumer starts to look an awful lot like a certain Dr. Blasey-Ford. Wake up, sheeple, the proof is staring you in the face!

Not enough proof for you? Well check THIS out:

amy schumer,

Yeah, that's right. They Both Have Teeth! Can that be chalked up to "coincidence?" Hardly! How many women do you know with incisor, canines AND bicuspids?

But here's where it gets weird.

Add the additional biometric test to the list. Like the others, it is a 100%  match as well. The foreshortening of the thumb is due to camera perspective.  So don’t be fooled by a single screenshot. We can even see where the makeup ends and her natural skin begins across the neckline.

ford, amy schumer

Okay, it's weird enough that the Mission Impossible fake skin ends exactly where Well Aware drew the red line. 

Tom Cruise Mask GIF

What makes it super freak, and thus obviously supertrue, is that if I hold up mu hand, I have the same lines on my palm as the ones diagrammed on Dr. Ford's and Amy Schumer's! Someone got to me! This goes all the way to the top!

A statement I make all the time to people who are on the fence is “When in doubt, check the spouse”.
When these actors are hired to play the roles of people who we are to believe are actual people, they need to support their claim by using photos of their past.  We see in order to keep the number of people in the know as low as possible they tend to use their family members to play those supporting cast.  We see Amy’s spouse is being shown to us as the spouse of Ford.  They will choose photos that depict the individual to look as different as they can.  Think about how many photos of you that have been taken that you appear to look nothing like how you really look.

My God, he's right! The man on the left somehow (Trick photography?) manages to look absolutely nothing like either of the men pictured on the right, one of whom is AMY SCHUMER'S ACTUAL HUSBAND! How did they manipulate these photos of what is obviously the same man to look like two completely different men? We've known for some time now that the top levels of the military intelligence milieu have a photgraph-manipulating technology called "Photoshop." It would appear that that technology has been deployed here.

The Sister-in-law (Mother)
Christine Blasey Ford's Sister-in-law
We are told by the media that this is Christine Blasey Ford’s sister-in-law. But knowing that Christine Blasey Ford is really Amy Schumer we see the sister-in-law is being played by Amy’s mother.
 So not only does Christine Blasey-Ford's sister-in-law look creepily like Christine Blasey Ford, she somehow manages to not look at all like Amy Schumer's mother who we know she really is because we have already established that Amy Schumer is playing the part of Dr. Blasey-Ford, so who else would they get to play her sister-in-law but a woman who is a generation older than Amy Schumer? 

Image result for conspiracy gif

Also, check out this flawless syntax:

By using an ELA test (Error Level Analysis) you can see if items have been layered on a photo.  Guess what we find in the images the media tells us are of Ford?  Which I will remind you of a statement I have made several times on numerous radio shows I was the guest of, “If an event is real, there is no need to fake anything.”

Could a nut use such perfect sentence structure? 

David Tennant Witchcraft GIF

Okay, I don't understand how that shows the sunglasses are "photoshopped on," but the real question is the caption under the first photo. Are they saying this is supposed to be Christine Blasey-Ford attampting to flee the US? Because that is clearly McCovey Cove behind the right field wall at AT&T Park, where fans gather hoping to catch a home run ball.
But you know what, thinking that she is trying to flee the US on a surfboard really isn't any dumber than the rest of this.