Monday, August 8, 2011

Terrible marketing --DirecTV

First of all, shame on you, DirecTV, for aiding and abetting Dat Phan's career.

But, seriously, how the hell did this ad get made?

What was the pitch meeting for this like?

Hmm, gotta think of something funny. . . .
. . .Hey, you know what's funny? Asian dudes!

Asian dudes?

Yeah, you know how they're always talking in those funny accents? It's hilarious!

Oh, yeah, everyone likes accents! And let's have him act like a big shot, even though he's a tiny Asian guy. That'll be hysterical!

Oh, and you know how in commercials, you can tell a guy is rich because there are bikini-clad models following him around like pet labradors?

Oh, yeah, we should totally do that!

But get this, we'll show that he's super-rich because he can afford white chicks!

Even though he's a small Asian man? Brilliant! I'm laughing already!

Oh, and let's throw in an enormous panda just in case anyone forgets that this guy is Asian.

Why not just have him say his lines in broken pidgin-English?

Hey, who says we can't do both?