Thursday, September 16, 2010

Signs From a Parallel Universe

Since my internet has been acting up lately (hence the spotty posting) I only just found out now that there was a 9/12 teabagger rally. Which makes sense. I mean, I remember Glenn Beck talking about how he wanted people to remember how they felt on 9/12, which was, as I recall, frightened, angry and confused. And what better group to commemorate anger fear and confusion than the teabaggers.

Here are a few pictures of teabagger signs that I found here:

Eeeeeewwwww! Don't tell Christine O'Donnell!

See, in the parallel universe these people live in, there was zero national debt on January 2009. Every cent of debt owed by the US was incurred under the current administration.

In the parallel universe, no previous administration had ever collected taxes.

In the parallel universe, this is not considered child abuse.

In the parallel universe, mispronouncing an existing word counts as cleverly coining a new one.

Well that's great, but in our universe, He wasn't on the ballot.

Both have 18 letters? Well, that proves it!

Also, "Tea Party" "Ignorant" Both have 10 letters!
"Sarah Palin" "A Huge Fraud" Both have 10 letters!
"Tea Partier" "White Trash" Both have 10 Letters!

I stand ever at the ready to. . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh, my God. Please, please, please, someone take this guy seriously. Chuck him into Boston Harbor or San Francisco Bay, or Lake Michigan, really any large body of water will do.

In the parallel universe, This guy's taxes went up. In our universe, they went down. His universe must really suck!

Oh, what subtle wit! What a clever fellow you must be. You may not be able to comfortably call the President a N---er, but you can gracefully, indirectly reference the "N-word" on your sign. Well done!

In the parallel universe, Barack Obama is the one who pushed through the Patriot Act, authorized warrantless wiretapping, and declared habeus corpus to be optional.

I'm sorry, you're a smart ass crack, and what was the other part?

Huh? What the? Obama wants to do a colonoscopy? On the taxpayers? Wouldn't that be a good thing, maybe catch a serious health problem in its early stages?
Apparently, in the parallel universe, proctology and anal rape are pretty much the same thing?
I guess?

My brain is senile? And then I took some drugs that cured my senility? That seems pretty good.

And by "robbing my piggy bank" I of course mean lowering my stupid, inbred pig-woman of a mother's taxes!

Yeah, Fuck you for canceling Brooklyn South!

Yes. Yes, this is astroturf. Any other questions?

Okay, I will. I will research "quiet Jihad."

Ooooh, it's the idiot Pam Geller. At least, when I typed quiet Jihad into Google, everything that came up was Pam Geller-related. But I said I would research it and I will. I'll let you know what I find out about this silliness.