Saturday, July 17, 2010

David Thorne May Be The Funniest Guy I Never Heard Of Until Today.

Defending mel Gibson

I would have thought that never-been-funny-comic Whoopi Goldberg would be the only one stupid/nutty enough to stick up for Mel Gibson. I was wrong. Commentors on the FOX "News" website have no qualms about sticking up for ol' Mel.

The defenses range from the sorta-qualified:


Mel is still an awesome director, producer and actor. Granted, there is no excuse for his outrageous ranting behavior, however, we do not know the circumstances that brought that on. MG is a very complicated man.

(excusing Mel's behavior while stating that there "is no excuse," way to cover all the bases!)

To the conspiratorial:

Cordell Olsen

Crusade Against Mel Gibson Stamped, Sealed and Delivered by the New World Order

To the blame-deflecting:


Mel's really gone into the toilet, hasn't he? Should have stayed with your wife, Mel. What did he expect from this money grubbing bimbo?

To the flat out might-as-well-have-been-written-by-Mel-himself:

Julianne Walton

They want to go after Mel Gibson cause He made a movie about Christ and everyone knows that most of the hollywood industry is saturated with jews. This is their way to get back at him.

Hey, that sounds kind of racist, there, Julianne!

I am not saying this in a racist way it is simply the truth...if you don't believe me just check it out for yourself.

Thanks, I will!
Oh, and you're a goddamned idiot. I'm not saying that in a racist way, it's just true!

Anyone else want to weigh in?

Leaf Evans

If she was shaking her baby like he claims, she deserves more than just a broken tooth.

Way to support and encourage domestic violence, Leif! And by the way, the name "Leif" is spelled with an I, not an A.

It goes like this:






Anyone else?


I never heard of Bing Crosby being jailed for his conduct. I think Gibson should be left alone. I dont know the personal circimstances involved and I have never hit a woman. Having said that, since women have equal rights and serve in combat roles they should be able to defend themselves. I recall Sean Connery in a Barbra Walters interview once said that "upon occasion I do believe its permissible to slap a woman."

And there is no greater moral authority than Sean Connery. In fact, my minister used to always say "if you can't find the answer in the Bible, just rent Goldfinger. If Sean Connery says it's Ok, then who are we to disagree?"


Oxi and Mel are just the perfect pair. Made on "earth" for each other. Notice how when they first shown footage of them on tv....notice oxi was towing him along like a ragdoll? No respect at all. I would never drag a man around like that.....and if he let me, I would not want him. $$$ or not! Men should be rugged, hairy and masculine.....YOWZA! mmmm Mike Rowe, good example of YOWZA! The Cheaters deserve each other. Maybe she is a dominatrix and things got out of hand....who knows.

Yes, because when S&M play gets out of hand, it is usually the dominatrix who suffers injury? I guess?

I think you

North Dakota

He Should've Taken Her Deep Sea Fishing Like Joran & Natalee



She probably had it coming. How come women can push men's buttons to the point the snap and when they do they get arrested? She is probably using the child as a pawn, not letting him see her, threatening custody and visitation..etc. The women should be arrested for mentally abusing men.

Ummm, Okay. You do realize that you're pushing my buttons now, right? So I guess I can knock your teeth out and then have you prosecuted for making me snap? Is that how it works?


I somehow think she's a bi-polar maniac. Gibson was married for years with six kids and he did nothing ever to hurt them. She's driven him to the edge it looks like and don't blame him in ways for his feelings and reaction. A hormonal woman is something to be feared


This individual is what gives woman a bad name. She's after his money and wow she's gonna get paid big. Peolple use many words to express what they feel especially when their angry, that doesn't make you a racist. The N word is basically in everyones mouth these days.

Um, not everyone's! Just racists' and rappers'. And by the way, you mean "they're" not "their."

Okay, we have time for one more. Anyone got a real grand finale kind of comment to go out with?


I use the "N" word and I am not a racist. A racist is one that is prejudicial against a race. When blacks act like thugs I call them niggers. When Mexicans act like thugs I call them spics. When whites act like thugs I call them white trash. So race has absolutely nothing to do with the language you use. I will say however that I am put off with the way all the minorities are being catered to because they are minorities.

Crazy Candidate of the Day -- Oops, Sorry! Edition

Ooooohhhhh, now I feel kinda bad. Previous Crazy Candidate of the Day Ernest Pagels apparently really is crazy. Literally. He was discharged from the Air Force after being diagnosed with some sort of "paranoid personality disorder."

Apparently, he does not think that this should disqualify him from holding public office.

Also, he's a birther! Surprise, surprise!