Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How pathetic is this?


Broga. And, yes, it is actually what it sounds like. Yoga for bros.


Broga: Finally, Yoga for Dudes

If you’re a guy who feels too shy or emasculated by the idea of attending a yoga class among a sea of women, you can now feel at ease at “Broga,” a studio and practice geared toward men, with two locations in Massachusetts.

How pathetic are these guys? Oh, no, there's too many women here, I might get emasculated! Waah, mommy, the girls are picking on me!


(Pictured: Every Men's Rights Activist ever)

Why does there have to be a "for men only" version of everything?


How insecure do you have to be to need constant reassurance that every product you purchase, every activity in which you engage is sufficiently "manly?"
What do they think is going to happen if they use some product that has some association with women? They'll sprout breasts? Their weenis will retract itself into a vagina?
How pathetic would you have to be to actually be afraid to go into a yoga studio because there might be too many women there?

Co-founders Robert Sidoti and Adam O’Neill created Broga as a safe space for men who may be self-conscious about not being as flexible as the woman on the mat next to them in class
Yes, a "safe space."
Because you know how hard it is for us to feel safe, what with all these women constantly eyeballing us!

Broga® Yoga Overview

Broga is a yoga class geared for men (where it’s okay if you can’t touch your toes).

Finally! I was so sick of being jeered at by women when I couldn't touch my toes. Because everyone knows that every woman ever is as lithe and flexible as a willow branch and no man ever is.

Well, ok, this guy. But he's obviously some sort of gymnast or contortionist!

Our Mission…

…is to offer men real tools for coping with daily stresses and demands through an accessible yoga-based fitness program taught from a man’s point of view.

There's a point of view?
To Yoga?
How does a series of movements and postures have a point of view?
I don't know, but somehow it does and that point of view better be male or I'm not setting foot in there! I'm not letting those yoga women castrate me!

Our Brograms©

…help men to live in their most organic selves: strong, peaceful, guided, internally and outwardly connected, powerful and compassionate from the inside out. Our Brograms, services and merchandise enable men to walk, compete, and live stronger, balanced lives.
Oh, fuck me. "Brograms?" And you felt you needed to copyright that gem?

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How pathetic is this?