Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ben Carson is some kind of moron.

I'm beginning to think that either Ben carson is not really a doctor or he is the most extreme example of an idiot-savant the world has ever seen.

Ben Carson believes Joseph built Egypt’s pyramids to store grain

“My own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain,” Carson said in a 1998 commencement speech at Andrews University,

Your personal theory means nothing. you have no training in history or archaeology or Egyptology, or any relevant field. Your theory is as valid as my theories on astro-physics.

“Now all the archaeologists think that they were made for the pharaohs’ graves. But, you know, it would have to be something awfully big — when you stop and think about it, and I don’t think it’d just disappear over the course of time — to store that much grain.”


This is what you think they used to store grain. This.
You think they needed a place to store grain, so instead of, say, a silo, they went with a gargantuan structure that would take years to build and is almost entirely solid stone? So that only a tiny percentage of this structure could be used for storage?
Do you think that the Egyptians built an empire by being stupid?
Let's build a 450-foot tall stone monstrosity that will cost us millions of whatever we ancient Egyptians use for money, take years to build and has a tiny room in which we can store some grain, and then if someone can find their way through the maze of tunnels into that room and then find their way back out, then it's grain for everyone!

And then. Then. When the pharaoh dies. When the monarch, the most revered and respected man in the nation, the man believed to be the descendant of the gods themselves, when that man passed on to the realm of the dead, the Egyptian people carefully preserved his body then said "hell, I dunno. Just chuck him into the grain storage thing, I guess." This is what you think happened?

And people want this man to be president!

Maybe the internet wasn't such a great idea.

Because now we have things like this:

I just have to share this... because it has got to piss off PTB.
Who would have known... I have been looking at cures for Candida, ever since I hit one of those ads on conspiracy sites for freeze dried food, and all that, there was one for Candida cure, but they wanted over $150 bucks. I knew of course it was some savvy internet marketer cashing in... So I did a little research...

Okay, you know that whenever one of these people say they "did their own research," it means they went to InsaneConspiracyTheories.Com and pretended that that was the same thing as doing actual scientific studies.
(Also, PTB seems to stand for "powers that be?")

Eventually it lead me to an article by Dr Jennifer Daniels. Who was talking about a cure that was used by the poor folks in her Grandmother's time

Okay, stop right there. There is a reason that whatever you're about to suggest was used only by poor people, ie people who couldn't afford doctors or medicine. And there is also a reason why it hasn't been used since your grandmother's time. And they're the same reason. It Doesn't Work. If it worked, people would still be using it.

I found more articles... I had just uncovered another goldmine.

Um, yeah. If it was a goldmine, someone'd be mining it. They wouldn't be giving out maps to the goldmine on the god damn internet!

This next bit probably made more sense in the original gibberish:

Another suppressed conspiracy (will post all these articles. Who would have thought that taking 100% pure gum spirits cures parasites, fungus, cancers!) But then again the big secret is that all these things are related. Then there is arthritis, rheumatism, allergies, autism... guess what more relation... it's all about parasites due to lack of healthy bacteria.

And 100% gum spirits? What exactly is that? Googling, googling. . . .Holy Fuck, it's turpentine!

Well surely they're not suggesting that turpentine. . . be taken. . . no. Not internally? Or externally? I mean, you have to wear gloves when working with turpentine because it's like super skin-burny and caustic and it's fucking poison!

Then I read the Rockefellers used to sell kerosene as a cancer cure, until of course they moved over to the far more lucrative chemo-therapy, and everyone knows the poop on that.... And I heard Eastern European references to kerosene, but just assumed that they must have been talking about something else.. apparently not... 

Oh fer fuck sake. People used to sell snake-oil as a cure for shit too. They sold cheap booze, opium and cocaine as cure-alls. It's a fraud.  If Rockefeller ever did sell turpentine as mediceine, and I have no idea if he did, then he was even more of a scumbag than we already knew he was.

Now of course your first reaction is danger, you'll kill your liver,

Yeah, if you don't die first from your stomach lining dissolving.

Now of course your first reaction is danger, you'll kill your liver, well apparently that is not the case either,

Sure, science and medicine and common sense say that that is the case, but. . . um. . .  it is apparent? I guess? That they are all wrong?

and this is in fact "hidden" in the MSDS documents, which put a huge focus on getting it in your lungs, but as one author says, getting water in your lungs could kill you... (good point)

Oh, I get it. Because the writers of the MSDS didn't think it was necessary to spend a lot of time emphasizing the obvious point that you shouldn't drink deadly poisons, that indicates that it's probably fine to drink! Well, let's just apply that principle to every aspect of life! No one has ever told me not to shave my head with a cheese grater, so it's a pretty safe assumption that cheese-grater-shaving is the safest and most effective form of hair maintenance.

And like urine therapy, it is hidden in plain site.

That's not therapy! Drinking your own piss is not therapy! At best, it does nothing for you. Except make you a gross, revolting monstrous creature that no one wants to kiss.

I had come across a video series called "my strange addiction" it's mostly women (or so it seems) who have bizarre fetishes to eat things like chalk, dirt (actually I knew that was good for you...) sponges, deodorant, drywall, plastic, nail polish, etc (crazy I know...) and this one girl was addicted to compulsively drinking gasoline! like little cups of it, sipping it! But you know, don't knock her, she has just revealed something to us... taking small tinctures is definitely not as dangerous as we thought.

So, it's possible to not die from drinking poison in small amounts. Eureka! What a revelation! Let's all drink caustic industrial chemicals. After all, if it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger, right? That's just science!

You know, there's also a show called "Intervention" that shows people who ingest really heroic amounts of heroin, meth, Oxycontin and other drugs. And they don't die. So all those things must have tons of health benefits that "they" don't want you to know about!

And by the way, this is the drinking gasoline video she links to:

 "It makes my tongue numb, like burns a little bit. I feel light headed." Yeah, sounds pretty healthy to me!

The most compelling point for me, that hit home was the rise of all these diseases we get today can be tied to molds, mildews, fungus, candidiasis, why? Because we live in the age of ANTI-BIOTICS.... and that was a big mistake, mercury may be a factor in autism, but it may in fact be because the body creates more parasitical bacteria that is attracted to the mercury in the first place.

Okay, none of that is true. Some diseases are caused by molds, but most are caused by viruses and bacteria. And mercury does not cause autism, nor does it cause the body to create more bacteria. Other than that, though, you may be on to something!

In fact I would definitely say based on my reading of the Old Testament it was super obvious that they were very serious about molds and mildews, and explains why they developed such ritualistic behaviours around these cleanliness behaviours, literally becoming religious edicts.

Well, there's no scientific text more authoritative than the Old Testament!

the original 'unclean' if you handled something that had mold, the instructions were to isolate that person, burn the item, burn your clothes! etc. They KNEW... (but they didn't seem to know about pine oils and resins?... hmm... and my understanding is that there are pine trees in Lebanon???? (ok, that's another story... )

Um, yeah. They didn't know about pine resins. Because they didn't know anything about science. Or medicine. But even they weren't crazy enough to drink turpentine!