Saturday, December 15, 2012

Creepy Ads

Anyone else think this guy is marrying the mom to get at the daughter?

I'm pretty sure the "open-heart-surgery" necklace is meant to be a romantic type gift, even though it is a  butt-ugly tacky piece of costume jewelry. And he's giving the little girl the same one as the mom? And telling her about how glad he is that she came into his life? While sitting on the swingset? I think he's about to ask her to go steady!

The ad for "Dream Lites" seems designed to give me nightmares.

First of all, that is the spookiest song I've heard since the "One, Two Freddie's coming for you" song from A Nightmare on Elm Street. And then the animal projects some disembodied face onto the ceiling, grinning its hideous grin down at the child, just waiting for him to fall asleep.