Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There is Something Wrong with The American Public.

From Yahoo News:

In the five weeks since an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig sent hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, Obama had largely escaped political fallout. But as BP attempts yet again to seal the leak, a new USA Today/Gallup Poll finds a majority of Americans unhappy with Obama's handling of the spill. According to the poll, 53 percent rate Obama's handling "poor" or "very poor"; 43 percent believe Obama is doing a good job.

43% think that President Obama is doing a good job handling the oil spill? "Cuz I really can't think of anything that he's done besides wagging his finger and clucking his tongue at BP. 43% of Americans think that's a good job? God, I'd like to work for one of those people!

But wait, it gets better! (or worse)

Yet the poll also finds that the public tends to blame others in the mess more than it blames the White House. Asked broadly about the federal government's role, 60 percent rated the response "poor."

So 7% think that Obama is doing a good job, but that the Federal Government is not.

BP got the lowest marks: 73 percent of Americans gave the company's handling of the spill a "poor" rating. Still, a whopping 68 percent say BP should remain in charge of the cleanup.

68% think that BP is doing a poor job, and should reamain in charge. Wow. I gotta look into moving to Canada.

PS I will be in Charleston, SC for the next couple of days. I don't plan on being able to post until I get back. I don't think they have computers in Charleston, I think there's a city ordinance banning anything that can not be described as "quaint."