Monday, September 25, 2017

Roger Stone is a huge douche

Celeste Katz

Roger Stone has his plan—and his outfit—all laid out for when he appears before congressional lawmakers on Tuesday.

As to his strategy: “I will systematically go through the exact words of every committee member. I will take their exact words and I will shove them down their throats," he vowed.

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As for his clothing: “Blue will be the theme of the day, because it connotes authority,”
Respect My Authoritah!

“They're standing there with nothing in their hands," he said. "After months and months of investigation, hundreds of thousands of tax dollars, they still have no evidence of Russian collusion. None at all. None that would hold up in a court of law.”

Which is totally what an innocent person would say. "You have no evidence. Well, none that's admissible anyway." That line always worked on every episode of Law & Otder.

Enjoy prison, asshole!