Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tea Party Logic

It's hard to choose which is my favorite bit of Tea Party logic in this clip:

I think my favorite part is when the creepy beardy guy (is that Brent Bozell?) states that of course the President and Vice President are lying, because senators have said they heard it and what, are you going to say that a senator would lie?

Or maybe when Margaret Hoover says that hey, we waited a year before we started calling the President a Nazi Marxist Kenyan Muslim witch doctor, and they still called us racists! How could they?

Or maybe when Hannity is so disappointed that the President has "never stood up for the Tea Party!" Oh, it's just heartbreaking! The people who were threatening to come back with guns next time,


the people who lumped him in with Hitler and Stalin,


How could he not stand up for them? Where is his sense of loyalty?
But my favorite moment didn't make it on to the FOX broadcast. Check out the less-edited video here:


That clip includes my absolute favorite moment of this whole one-minute kerfuffle. When the lady says, and I'm paraphrasing a bit, "[Biden] is the second member of your administration to call us terrorists, Janet Napolitano did it first."

And Obama says something like "no she didn't." And the lady responds "yes she did, she said that extremists should be watched out for!"

Oh, yeah. That's clearly the same thing.

Basically just called all rocks "terrorists!"

Then she pulls out a statistic from the "out of her ass institute" that 90% of all domestic attacks are done by left-wing environmental groups. Not to say that environmental groups haven't engaged in what could be called terrorism, although generally, their attacks are against property only, not people, but come on, 90%? I've been searching FBI reports and other terrorism-related studies, and I can't find that statistic anywhere. Of course, I didn't look up that lady's ass, so maybe that's how I missed it.