Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Geezus, the Balls on These Guys!

AIG Says $182 Billion Taxpayer Bailout Was Too ‘Onerous,’ Threatens To Sue Government For Billions More

I wish I was in a position to need to buy something from AIG so I could refuse to buy anything from AIG.

The board of A.I.G. will meet on Wednesday to consider joining a $25 billion shareholder lawsuit against the government, court records show. The lawsuit does not argue that government help was not needed. It contends that the onerous nature of the rescue — the taking of what became a 92 percent stake in the company, the deal’s high interest rates and the funneling of billions to the insurer’s Wall Street clients — deprived shareholders of tens of billions of dollars and violated the Fifth Amendment, which prohibits the taking of private property for “public use, without just compensation.” 

And they still have the balls to run those sickening "Thank You, America" ads!