Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Laura a Racist? Who Knew?

Here I always thought she was just an angry, bitter, hostile, self-righteous hypocrite who belittled others to cope with her own self-esteem issues. Oh, and also a homophobe.
But apparently, she loves the N-word. Loves loves loves saying the N-word:

And then, because nothing can ever be her fault, she comes out with this load of BS on Larry King:

So let me see if I have this straight. Your First Ammendment rights were "usurped" by people who, what, criticized your use of a foul racial slur? And to get back your right to say things, you're quitting the show on which you say those things? You get criticized for dropping repeated N-bombs, and you run off with your tail between your legs, crying about your rights being taken away? And it's the black people who are too hyper-sensitive beacuse they find the word "n---er" offensive?

And you're quitting your radio show, but you're not quitting? Channeling Sarah Palin are we?

And you think that the First Amendment is supposed to shield you from criticism? Why do you people think that the First Amendment only applies to you? If you have the right to say "n---er" on the air (and you do) why don't decent people have the right to call you on it?

What a freakin' baby!