Monday, April 23, 2012

This woman is seriously an actual candidate for US Senate!

This empty suit is apparently the Republican nominee for the United States Senate.

Jeezus, Sarah, how are you going to oppose this bill if you don't even know what it is?

So I had never heard of this Sarah Steelman before, so I checked out her bio. After a bunch of boring Christmas-letter type crap about her stupid husband and stupid kids, there's this hot bit of information:

For the last two years Sarah has been active in grassroots politics. She is a board member on the Missouri Club for Growth. She is a contributor to FUJAH magazine. 

Well, the Club for Growth, I'm familiar with (might as well brag about being a member of the Legion of Doom) but I'd never heard of FUJAH Magazine. So I looked it up.

 I was expecting something along the lines of the Weekly Standard or National Review or Johnny Weiner's News for Morons or something, but it mostly seems to be about fashion and other fluff.

Also, they are apparently out of business, because this is what comes up when you click the "Current Issue" button:

December 2010

Winter Fashions Must Haves

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With cooler temperatures comes excitement.  And that excitement is fueled by the curiosity of what winter fashion trends we’ll be seeing and what clothes Ione might get to add to their wardrobe. This year is no exception and here are some of the season’s top picks:

So, what sort of nuttery does Sarah Steelman contribute to this fine rag?

Calling All Rebel Rockers!

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Somebody better tell Micheal Franti that this nut is using his song.

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

RNC Spokeswoman: Republican Economic Platform Will Be The Bush Program, ‘Just Updated’

Are we going to try and pretend that that wasn't an enormous disaster the first time?

Hey, Dipshit!

You got the flags of TWO Nations there, genius.