Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Lorax Movie is Coming Out Soon

And cue ridiculous right-wing outrage in 3. ..  2. . .1. . .

EPA & Hollywood Use Lorax To Brainwash Kids On Green Energy And Anti-Capitalism

This odd little character speaks for the trees and hates industrialized civilization. He's going to be teaching your kids to hate capitalism.

The Lorax Movie Pre-Review

On the screen appeared a trailer for Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. . . 

Too early to review it, to slam it, poo-poo it?
I simply don’t care, why should I first have to view it?
It’s not a movie for kids but propaganda from “Big Green.”
I’ll explain what I mean.

(Sure, why should you have to see a movie before you trash it? Why waste time?)

Is de-forestation still a problem outside of Brazil?
(A rhetorical question: I know the drill.)

Um, even if it was only happening in Brazil, The Brazilian Rain Forest is the largest in the world. De-foresting Brazil would have huge negative consequences for the planet.

The trailer showed a world in which all trees are gone.
Instead of making me feel sad, it just made me yawn.

There are more trees being planted now than ever before.
Those “greenies,” however, would just call me a right-wing whore.

I was going to go with "moronic cocksucker," but Okay, "right-wing whore" it is! * Also, new trees being planted is nice, but it takes decades for them to grow large enough to replace the old ones.

You see, poor Dr. Seuss died in 1991,
And sadly since then he has been no fun.
The Lorax he wrote in 1970 when people were littering
These days folks are more likely to be Twittering.

Yes, thank God littering isn't a thing that happens anymore!  What a fucking moron.

 * The "whore" in question is  Thomas Thurlow, 

Reviving Climate Change: The Lorax Will Sell Your Kids on Saving the Planet

This is a clear example of Hollywood movie studios pushing government propaganda. The EPA and the Organic Elite like Whole Foods Market and over 70 other partners are partnering up to sell this idea of humans are bad and the earth is good to children through a beloved Dr. Seuss story.

I don't know whose government you're referring to, our government has not really been pushing a lot of pro-environmental anything that I can think of.

So what is supposed to be so terrible about telling kids that cutting down all the trees would be a bad thing?