Monday, June 13, 2011

Baldfaced Racism on FOX? The deuce you say!

This si disgusting even for FOX. Referring to the White House as the "White Hizzy?"  Really? That's acceptable now?

And of course, there's the usual bullshit of "no president has ever before been chummy with a dictator, blah blah blah. . ." Although it takes a special level of chutzpah to keep up that line after two of your guests have already shown it to be the utter bullshit that it is.

For the record:

George W. Bush getting "chummy" with a dictator.

Ronald reagan getting chummy with Mobutu Sese Seko

Reagan with the Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos


Kissinger with Pinochet

Donald Rumsfeld with Sadam Hussein. (Sent by Ronald Reagan)

Gerald Ford with Brezhnev

Gerald Ford with Suharto.

Nixon with Brezhnev

Eisenhower with Kruschev

Eisenhower and Nixon with Kruschev

Harry S. Truman with Josef Stalin.

 So, yeah. Totally unprecedented.