Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ridiculous Headline of the Day

From the once-proud Washington Post:

Paul Ryan just nailed the impeachment question

July 30 at 3:13 PM

Okay, Paul Ryan has never "nailed" any question in his stupid bullshit life. So what answer did he give to the "impeachment question" that was so wonderful?

I see this as sort of a ridiculous gambit by the president and his political team to try and change the narrative, raise money, and turn out their base for an upcoming election that they feel is not going to go their way… [The Republicans’ differences with the White House do] not rise to the high crime and misdemeanor level.

So, before stating what should be overwhelmingly obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than a bonobo, Ryan repeats a bunch of bullshit about how the president is supposedly the one behind all the impeachment talk, which is just verifiably false?

Creepiest Headline of the Day

Ireland Baldwin Channels Mom Kim Basinger in '9 1/2 Weeks' Photo Shoot

Who the hell thought that was a good idea?