Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meet Steve Shepard

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to meet a great artist.
His name is Steve Shepard, and he's from New Orleans.
I met him at the Slotin Folk Art Fesival in Atlanta.

Here are a few examples of his work:

In these small examples, it's hard to see how detailed these pictures are, but as you can see, Steve Shepard has a political bent to a lot of his work and a great sense of humor.
And he loves Elvis!

You can see more, and purchase some of his work at:

Please do go to his website. Or you can see him in person at the Kentuck Festival of the Arts in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on October 17 and 18. (link)

Stece Shepard is the Official Folk Artist of the Daily Irritant. When you go to his site, tell him the perfesser sent ya!

Being Subversive


Liberal Subversion: How to Use the Freedom Works Website to Tell Blue Dog Democrats to Support Health Care Reform

Freedom Works has set up a page where concerned Americans can tell Blue Dog Democrats to vote no to President Obama’s heath care plan. The problem is that the message is completely customizable, so with a few minor changes, you and your friends can use Freedom Works to tell the Blue Dogs to support health care reform. Here is how to do it.

Step one is to go to the Action Alert for the Blue Dog Democrats page, which is here. Once on the page the first thing you will notice is the subject line which is editable so change that to read “Vote YES on Obamacare” do not change the word Obamacare as it may be rejected.

Next the editable text box that contains the body of the email remember that only little changes are needed. I changed the following words “dropping” to “increasing” and in the same paragraph “your opposition” to “public approval”.

In the next paragraph the following needs changes,”resistance to a government takeover of healthcare” to for example, “acceptance of positive healthcare change by the government.” The biggest change will happen in the last paragraph “new taxes that would be required to pay for Obamacare. Given the growing size of our deficits and debt, neither can the taxpayers. Please do not support a government plan that would put a bureaucrat between me and my doctor, nor the trillions of dollars in tax hikes on small businesses that would be used to pay for it” to something like the “ increase of insurance rates that would be required to pay for today’s health care polices.

Given the growing size of rates of insurance policies, neither can the taxpayers. Please support a government plan that would remove the insurance bureaucrat between me and my doctor, nor the trillions of dollars in insurance rate hikes on small businesses that happen every year.

With these few minor changes, Blue Dog Democrats will emails from Freedom Works telling them to vote FOR healthcare reform. Have fun with this. Customize your message to reflect your beliefs. Send it to your friends and family. Let’s show Freedom Works what a real non corporate grassroots effort looks like. One you have sent your email, leave us a comment, and tell us about it.


I just tried this, and it seems to work. You will get e-mails from freedomworks, though so fair warning.