Monday, March 23, 2020

White House Press Corps Gets Boost of credibility

Remember when the Bush administration brought a gigilo/porn actor into the White House briefing room to pretend to be a reporter and lob softball questions at the podium? And that seemed like it was pretty much the rock-bottom nadir of GOP press relations? Like that was pretty much as bad as it could ever get?

This is worse.

The current administration has apparently credentialed one Chanel Rion (which is a porn name if ever I've heard one) from a news site called OAN.

OAN Reporter Chanel Rion Criticized For Asking Trump If ...

Chanel Rion pictured here making her serious journalist face.

So who is this Chanel Rion and what the hell is OAN? Hell if I know, let's find out!

Well, for a start, OAN apparently stands for One America News Network. I don't know where the other "N" went when they were crafting their acronym, but that's probably not important.

Their homepage looks fairly reasonable with headlines such as

President Trump To Deploy Military Hospital Ships To Calif., N.Y. Amid Surge Of COVID-19 Cases

Sen. Rand Paul Tests Positive For COVID-19, Colleagues Weighing Options On How To Combat Spread Of Virus


Labor Shortages Pose Problem For Food Supply Chain

And honestly, the articles under those headlines are pretty straightforward, not weird or crazy at all. But then there's this recent incident in Florida:

Judge Judy Facepalm GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

Oh, fer the love of. . .

This country is so screwed. When we have elected officials, people in positions of responsibility, who are so profoundly stupid, so pathetically credulous that they would publicly recommend that people fight a virus by scalding their nasal membranes. I mean -- There's no coming back from this. I mean, it would be bad enough if your dumbest Fox-watching uncle believed this nonsense, but this guy is in a position of authority. I know it's just some county in Florida, but I guarantee you that every county commission, every small-town  city council, every local school board has at least one Bryant Culpepper serving on it. Hell, we've got several in Congress!

Rep. Louie Gohmert says he’s been told he’s ‘being ...
Rep. Steve King crossed the line on race by using a ...
How James Inhofe Snowballed the EPA | The New Republic

But, to be fair, OAN did post this on their front page:

Fla. Official Falsely Claims OAN Hailed Hair Dryer As COVID-19 Cure

. . . the official claimed he saw this debunked method on One America News. However, OAN staffers have conducted a thorough review of content, including on-air and on the internet, and have found no association with Culpepper’s remarks.

So who knows? I'm sure as hell not sifting through all their content to try and find out who's lying.

Anyway, they seem on the surface to be a reasonable if conservative-leaning news site.

On the other hand, they employ Ms Chanel Rion.

Who seems like a fucking nut.

I went to her Twitter, this is her pinned Tweet:

I guess someone should have told her at some point that Japanese hegemony over Korea ended with Japan's defeat in World War II. The Korean War had nothing to do with Japan.

Also this:

Image result for oh wow veep gif

Pkay, first of all, the guy she's citing as a "monitored source" appears to be one of the astronauts from the movie 22001 A Space Oddessy.

Alao, what the hell is a "monitored source?" She also refers to him as a "citizen investigator" which is generally a fancy way of saying conspiracy theorist, but a "monitored source amongst a certain set of the DC inrelligence community?" That's not a real thing, is it? I mean, I guess it could mean that the NSA is keeping tabs on him because he's one Q-anon post away from sending pipe bombs to congressmen, but other than that, I have no clue.

But I lookes him up and this is the kind of "investigations" he does:

Ah, yes.
We all know just how much Diane Feinstein whose net worth is estimated at around $80 million looooves Communism!
Also, who tipped her off? She's a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. It's not exactly a mystery how she could possibly have gotten some sort of inside info. (For the record, I do not know what she knew ahead of time or what stock transactions she did or didn't make, but I sure wouldn't put a bit of insider trading past her)

Also, it looks like it's pretty easy to be a "citizen investigator." You just reference the name of someone in the government and then go ". . . TREASON?"

So, yeah, if this guy is your source, I gotta think you're doing some pretty solid investigative journalism there, Chanel.

Oh, and this is getting a bit off topic, but this Tweet just made me laugh.

Have you ever seen someone who is a cocaine user? They tend to be pretty high-energy. They don't schlub around like cartoon invertebrates, drawling out every word sounding like a 45 rpm record played at 33+1/3.

Mitch McConnell Appears to Be a Racist and the USA Needs ...

Anyway, here she is pushing the "fake news" bullshit narrative:

So, if I have this straight, CNN reported that a national "curfew" was being discussed / considered at the White House. Chanel says this is false because . . . the WHITE HOUSE, who lies constantly about everything, says it wasn't true.

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Okay, so it makes total sense that this lady is a credentialed White House reporter. I'm sorry I ever questioned it!