Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What the Fuck, Louie?

Full disclosure: I Love Louis Ck.
I love Louis CK the stand-up comic, and I love "Louie" the TV show.

But this last episode?

What the fuck, Louie?

He spends a good chunk of the first part of the episode talking about how male-dominated societies treat women badly. Okay, so far, so good. (Although he does make a joke about the first man who discovered that he could hit a woman which is at the least in bad taste)

Then in the second half, he sexually assaults Pamela Adlon.

Like for real.

Like he tries to drag her into the bedroom, tries to rip her shirt off, like a full-on sexual assault. While she repeatedly says "no, no, no."

And never seems to even realize that he's done anything wrong.

In fact, it's played off as kind of a joke with Pamela Adlon saying "this would be rape if you weren't so stupid" (whatever that means) and "God, you can't even rape right!"

Then, after he is done with the attempted rape, he won't let her leave, and he gives her this incredibly disturbing speech about how "you said that you wanted a relationship" and "I know you want to be with me, but you're too afraid, so I'm going to take charge now." (paraphrasing) Which is pretty much the sort of thing I assume an abusive stalker might say to the object of his desires.
Then he force-kisses her.

Then, after he finally allows her to leave he pumps his fist and exclaims "yes!" like he's just scored some sort of victory.

The whole thing is incredibly disturbing and offensive and I'm really just sick about it.

It's like finding out that Woody Allen is (allegedly) a child-molester. It's just so discouraging.

What the fuck, Louie?