Monday, November 15, 2010

How the Hell is This a Show?

Goddamned Liberal Media giving Sarah Palin another forum from which to spread the stupid gospel of Sarah.

Also, how is "Track" out of the Army already?

Please Raise My Taxes!

Dear Mr. President, Madame Speaker, Senator Reid, etc.

Please raise my taxes. Don't get me wrong, I don't like paying taxes any more than the next guy. I won't enjoy seeing the bottom line figure on my pay-stub get a little smaller. But I'm an adult. And I know that raising taxes is something that has to be done if we are going to be serious about the debt.

I know, the last administration told us we could have our wars and our tax cuts too, but that's the sort of magical thinking that children engage in, and I thought that at least for the next couple weeks, the grownups were in charge.

Seriously, you can't listen to these spoiled children who scream and cry about the deficit on the one hand and then scream and cry about losing their tax cuts on the other. These are people who don't understand that you can't eat your cake and keep it too. They are people who refuse to look realistically at hard choices. They are children. You need to ignore the children and do what is best for the country. Let Bush's stupid tax cuts expire. All of them. When you are spending more than you take in, you need to take in more. Or spend less, but since you insist on throwing billions of dollars and thousands of lives into the senseless meatgrinders of Iraq and Afghanistan, I don't see how we can expect to spend less.

If you want to keep the tax cuts, end the wars. Ideally, you could do both, end the wars and let the tax cuts expire, but if I've learned one thing the last couple years, it's to keep my expectations low when it comes to today's Democrats. So since I have no expectation of you actually doing anything, may I suggest you do what you seem to be best at, nothing. Just do nothing and the Bush tax cuts will expire. Please. Raise my taxes.

P.S. Madame Speaker, I don't mean to lump you in with these two milquetoasts. I know you have done your part to improve things, but anything you do gets stymied by the Senate. I apologize, and thank you.