Friday, November 2, 2018

Flashback Friday -- Jonathan Richman

It's getting too hard to make dumbass jokes about current events anyomre these days. But we can still appreciate good music.

So this Flashback Friday we present the great Jonathan Richman,

It's hard to explain the brilliance of Jonathon Richman. His lyrics don't feel like song lyrics, they have a sort of prosaic, conversational feel to them, but with a sneaky wittiness, if that makes sense. Sometimes they feel like they're meandering off the rails and then, out of nowhere comes a clever rhyme and things are back on track.

Some of his songs might make you laugh.

Some might bring a tear to your eye.

Sure, he writes regular love songs.

But he can also write a great song about everyday, ordinary things. Like missing his favorite corner store.

Or his admiration for Harpo Marx's musical ability

Or his love of hot nights.

Or his favorite painters

Or dancing

Or anything, really.

I don't have any stories about Jonathon Richman. I saw him once in an old union hall in Eugene, OR and I think in San Francisco at the Paradise Lounge. Great shows. I hear he's going to tour again. Catch him if you can!