Saturday, August 11, 2012

So, Paul Ryan, Hmm?

What is it with the Republicans and their vice-presidential picks?

Who was the last Republican nominee to choose a decent running mate?

It's like they feel so confident that they have to take on a little handicap just to make it fair?

Look at this string of hot choices:

Empty-headed empty suit. Once referred to as "impeachment insurance" for George H.W. Bush. Know mainly for being incredibly dumb.

Known mainly by two groups of people, people who were already going to vote for Bob Dole anyway, and people who loathe Jack Kemp for being one of the principal architects of Reaganomics. Completely devoid of charisma, added nothing to the ticket.

Pure seething, snarling anger tempered with the smirk of a corrupt Texas oilman. Frightening to children, on whose fear he is suspected of feeding.

The guy who's known mainly as the guy who wants to take away Medicare. To a lesser extent, known as the guy whose budget plan is a completely unrealistic joke which would increase the defecit while increasing taxes on the poor and working class. 

Good luck with that.