Thursday, August 16, 2018

Save the Straight White Men!

No one plays the victim as well as conservative white men.

Except maybe Sheryl Lee?


Oh, sure, conservative white men are always out there decryintg the "culture of victimization" and whatnot, but no one can whine about imaginary repression better than a conservative hetero white man.

“White Men”: The Most Dehumanizing Insult Of Our Times


I mean, who would be insulted by being called a white man?
I guess a woman would.
But if you are a white man, how is being referred to as a white man insulting?

The charge of ‘white man’, the open discussion of ‘white men’ as a problem, a scourge, a primal, furious blob, is extraordinarily dehumanising. In the classic meaning of that word: it deprives a group of people of their individual qualities in preference for treating them as a great indistinguishable mass. 

Okay, first of all that is NOT the classic definition of "dehumanizing."

Dehumanizing is treating someone as less than human. Like, for instance, referring to a former employee as a "dog." Or telling someone that they are not allowed to use a public restroom like any other person. Making group generalizations is not dehumanizing.

Secondly, since when is "white man" a "charge?"
No one has ever said to me "you know, I'm beginning to suspect that you might be a white man!" I've never been reported to any authority as being a white man. If someone points out that I am a white man, that is not being charged with anything. It's like pointing out that I'm right-handed or six feet tall or devastatingly handsome. These are all just facts, there's no moral judgement here.

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Yes we are, Richard Castle. Yes we are.

Or check out this guy:

No difference. Seriously. No difference.
You think there's no difference? Here's a simple test. Walk up to a white man and say "Hey, I notice that you are a white man" and see what kind of reaction you get. I'll save you some time, you''ll get something along the lines of "yeah, what's it to you?" or "No, I do not wish to join the Klan, keep walking, asshole."

Now walk up to a black man, preferably a large, muscular black man, and say to him "Hello, I notice that you are a n****r." I'm not going to give you any hint as to what kind of reaction you'll get. I want it to be a surprise!

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Also, if you're comparing two phrases, and there's one of the two you can't print - that's the worse one.

Oh, I almost forgot what inspired this post. It was this tweet I saw the other day that has been kind of stuck in my head because of the sheer blinding stupidity and shittiness of it: