Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fun with Yahoo News Headlines

Hot dogs with an unexpected ingredient (Thinkstock)

Defamation suit reinstated for founder of Boston

BOSTON (AP) — A defamation lawsuit filed by the founder of the rock group Boston against the ex-wife of the band's late lead singer was reinstated Tuesday by the Massachusetts
Appeals Court.

He was suing her for having referred to him as the "Founder of Boston."

Taylor Swift rocks new bad-girl look onstage. (Kevin Mazur/TAS/WireImage)

Taylor Swift rocks good-girl, bad-girl looks

Now if she could only come up with a good-singer, good-songwriter persona. 

How Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds? 

Yes, how could large spinning blades possibly kill anything?
It was certainly the best imaginary scandal of last summer!
That's it. Gotta go. Basketball is starting!