Friday, October 9, 2009

Mad Men

Well, this is just sad:

Jon Hamm's Mad Men character has just topped a new list of top men.

Over 500,000 voters on named the early 1960s-era sales executive Draper the Most Influential Man of 2009.

I don't know what the fuck is or what sort of douchey wankers they surveyed, but this is just pathetic.

Can someone please explain the appeal of Mad Men to me?

Oh, cool! They're smoking cigarettes!

At Work!

They're drinking booze!

At Work!

They're making unwanted sexual advances!

At Work!

Who cares if there's no real plot to speak of, check out those cool suits! Just like they wore in the sixties!

It seems to me that this show's popularity is based largely on a creepy kind of nostalgia for a time when a man could slap his secretary on the ass, tell her "you're not paid to think, honey!" then meet his mistress for a quickie over lunch. Otherwise I really don't get it. Seriously, if anyone gets why this show is popular, please explain it to me.