Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fuck These People!

Two Infants Too Young For Vaccinations Contract Measles From Unvaccinated People At Disneyland

How the fuck do we allow this to happen?

How have we not, in this day and age, made vaccinations mandatory?

I mean, I get why we would have thought that it would never be necessary , but now it clearly is, thanks to people who take medical advice from Playboy models. 

Wait, this isn't the Lancet!

Fuck these idiots and their stupid paranoid conspiracy theories. Vaccinations scare them? Too fucking bad. You don't get to risk your child's life because you don't get how science works, and you don't get to risk the lives of everyone else's kids because you think that you're smarter than every doctor in the fucking world.

Yes, if we make vaccinations mandatory, some people will be unhappy. Boo fucking hoo. Welcome to society. Everyone is unhappy about some law or other. After seeing Wolf of Wall Street, I'm a little unhappy that I can't try quaaludes. But you know what, too bad for me, we live in a society, so I'll just have to try to get along without them.

These people are hurting babies. BABIES! They're hurting and possibly killing babies. Not these kind of "babies" 

But these kind: 

Of course, if it were the first kind, Congress would have already passed the "Unborn Protection from Infectious Disease Act of 2015"

So fuck these people. Childhood vaccinations need to be made mandatory. Enough of this bullshit.