Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fox reporter says dumbest thing ever about global warming

(via C&L)

Fox Business reporter Tracy Byrnes says that climate change is overblown because the temperature of the Earth "basically hasn't changed much since the Ice Age."

Seriously, the temperature hasn't changed much since the ice age. The freakin Ice Age! Which is why much of North America is still covered by glaciers. And why Wooly Mammoth burgers are one of our most popular foods. 
A typical Spring day here in Atlanta

 Does this idiot really not understand what "Ice Age" means? 
Try renting this. It should be about your speed.


Jeez, I was just joking!

A few days ago, I thought I was being sarcastic when I tweeted:

NRA: if Trayvon Martin had also had a gun, everything would have turned out fine! 

No, they apparently do think that.

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