Monday, June 22, 2009

Jim Kouri

I'm not sure how I stumbled onto this gem:

Terror threat continues at US borders

By Jim Kouri

Jim Kouri

Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the
National Association of Chiefs of Police.

(it took me a while to find out what the "CPP" referred to. It apparently stands for "Certified Protection Professional," which turns out to be a fancy word for "bodyguard." When Bodyguard is the top line in your resume', then yeah, I guess you're qualified to comment on international terrorism!)

As the number of Americans who remember the horror of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington almost eight years ago dwindles,

Seriously? You really think anyone is looking around Manhattan asking "whatever happened to those two big buildings, the World Something or Other?"

Islamofascism is taking hold in Central and South America.

It is? What evidence do you have to back up this claim?

According to testimony given to the US House of Representatives Armed Services Committee by General Peter Pace, the former US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Hamas has joined Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda in the Triple Frontier Zone in Latin America where the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay converge.

Well, I'm certainly no Peter Pace expert. I don't know everything he's ever said, so I thought, it's possible Gen. Pace did testify to this. So I did what's known as a "google search" for the terms "Peter Pace" + "Hamas" + "frontier zone" and found several articles stating the same thing about Pace's testimony. True, they were all written by Jim Kouri, but still, that's some pretty compelling evidence!

Border Patrol agents began to voice what many believed were legitimate concerns about "armed incursions" into the United States from Mexico-based assailants. They reported that heavily armed Mexican army units and federal police, called federales, had infiltrated US territory and fired upon them, in some cases.

WHAT? The Mexican Army invaded and no one told me? I'll bet they were riding unicorns and casting voodoo spells with their magic wands made of fire!

Seriously, you're really saying that the Mexican Army has comitted acts of war within the United States, and this is not the lead story on Lou Dobbs?

Many of our political leaders and most in the news media ignore these violent attacks on our national sovereignty while more and more Americans are saying, "This has got to stop!"

Just like they continue to ignore the threats posed by Dr. Evil, The Riddler, and the Loch Ness Monster!

And our northern border with Canada has many law-enforcement leaders even more concerned. Canadian security experts concede that there are several radical Islamist groups active in their country. In fact, Hezbullah's largest headquarters is located not in the Middle East but in Toronto.

In Fact, a quick Google search will show you that "According to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Hezbollah's largest headquarters outside of the Middle East is in Toronto."

That's a pretty big difference.
That's like being the biggest douchebag outside of "The Hills."
Or the most dangerous criminal outside of prison.
Or the craziest motherfucker outside of FOX.

Americans can probably count on one hand the number of congressional leaders who will even debate the issues of illegal immigration or border security.

Sure, if you're this guy: Go to fullsize image

Putting aside terrorism, the lack of border security contributes to crime. In Los Angeles, a look at outstanding arrest warrants for homicide reveals that over 90% are for illegal aliens.

Well, that number didn't seem like it could possibly be true, so I checked it out with which said that the figure comes un-sourced from testimony by one Heather MacDonald, who turns out to be a hack from the headquarters of hackery, the "Weekly Standard." My best guess is that Mr. Kouri got his bad information the same place most of us get ours, from a forwarded e-mail.

Any time someone tells you that the media are ignoring what would be the biggest story of the year, then throws around a bunch of totally bogus data, I figure I'd better take a closer look at his "credentials." According to his bio, he is the "fifth vice president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police."Even though his name does not show up anywhere on the organization's website, I'll take his word for it. So, he must have been at one time the chief of some police department? Not exactly.

He's former chief at a New York City housing project in Washington Heights nicknamed "Crack City"

So, unless "crack city" had its own police dept, Ol' Jim was not a police chief, even though his bio reads in such a way that if you're not reading carefully, you would get the impression that he was, but I'm sure that's completely unintentional.

He's also served on the National Drug Task Force

Sounds impressive! What is that, some federal law-enforcement agency? Not exactly.
I kid you not, it's an internet-based talk radio program! Really. Check it out.

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much credibility does Jim Kouri have?

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Oh, sorry Jim! How about you stick to topics you know something about, like, um . . . .
well, there's, um. . . .sorry, Jim, I got nothing!