Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Thanks a lot, Twitter!

Thanks a lot, Twitter!
Because of you, I now know who Candace Owens is.
And I was a lot happier not knowing who Candace Owens is.

My life was appreciably better before I saw this:

Don't bother watching the video. It's pointless. Here's a quick summary:

ANTIFA, which is neither all-white, nor a fascist organization (duh) yelled at Owens in and outside of a restaurant. The video contains zero instances of anyone "growing violent," zero instances of anyone attacking any police, and I don't believe there is any police force in the US that is "all-black and Latino," but if there is, it certainly doesn't make an appearance in this video.

Also, there is zero indication that what is upsetting these shouty people is that a black woman was eating breakfast. Maybe she was confused by their chanting "fuck white supremacy?"
This is a particularly offensive claim to make since, while Ms Owens may not be old enough to remember, it wasn't very long ago that black people actually were hounded out of restaurants merely for trying to eat a meal.


It seems especially egregious to diminish the struggle of actual Civil Rights era heroes when you know good and goddamm well that you are lying about pretty much every aspect of this incident to try to make yourself look like more of a victim.

You could just say "these Antifa jerks shouted and screamed at me until I left the restaurant just because they take issue with my schilling for a white-supremacist administration" or something. You don't need to lie. You don't need to trot out the tired "lefties are the real racists, antifa are the real fascists" sophistry.

I mean, why pretend that they were upset at you for brunching while black when there are so many other things about you that might cause a negative reaction from normal people.

Like this, for instance:

First of all, do you not see the irony here? Or I guess hypocrisy would be a better word. Or, what's the next step after hypocrisy? Shameless craven grotesque duplicity? I mean, BLM is upset about unarmed and innocent black people being shot dead by racist cops and you're saying they're "a bunch of whiny toddlers?" You got your breakfast rudely interrupted and you're acting like you're John Lewis on the Edmund Pettis Bridge. And this was like three months before the screamed-at briuch incident.

Or maybe, the anti-fascists were a bit bothered by this call for something awfully fascist-esque:

Yeah, having political opponents jailed? That's the sort of thing that a Mussolini or a Pinochet would do. And I'm not even going to get in to the insanity of thinking that George Soros and Jeff Bezos are somehow part of some left-wing conspiracy to. . . you know what, yeah. Let's get into that.

You know that when you pretend that George Soros is some kind of criminal for donating money to liberal causes and campaigns, you're doing what the neo-Nazis do. Like it's fine for the Kochs, the Mercers, the Waltons, the Coorses, etc etc etc to pour million into right-wing "think tanks" and political campaigns, but when Soros donates to causes he supports, suddenyl it's part of some globalist Jewish conspiracy to . . . do . . . something bad, I don't know, but ya know it's bad because why else would we want him locked up, hmm?

Logical indexing. Good for R aliens and R pirates.

And Bezos? I mean, if you wanted to lock him up over his labor practices, you could make a pretty good argument, but I'm pretty sure that isn't your beef with him. You think he's bad because your god-emperor, President Cartman, says he's bad. And Il Douche says he's bad because Bezos owns a newspaper that doesn't get with the "positive stories only about Trump" program. Jailing newspapermen who don't toe the party line? That's what a Franco or a Suharto would do. So maybe, just maybe, people who rightly oppose fascism might have a legitimate beef with you?

Hahaha, just kidding! Obviously it's because you're a black lady! Duh!

 J. K.  Rowling  

Elle Macpherson on ELLE Australia November 2016 Cover                         Elle MacPherson Elle cover

Or maybe it wasn't your proto-fascist leanings. Maybe it was, um, what do you call it when a woman is a misogynist?  That thing.

I can't tell if you have actually just been so incredibly lucky to have never had any interactions with abusive men, or if you're just trying to be the new Ann Coulter, saying the most shockingly obtuse, crass, indecent thing you can think of to get the attention of the FOX News bookers. And I don't really care. Honestly, I was a lot happier not knowing who you were.