Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This is So Wrong.

Who in the Hell thought that this was a good idea?

Santa by spudboy67
Santa, a photo by spudboy67 on Flickr.

Yes, it's Santa's Deer Stand. Deer Stand as in "place from which to shoot deer." Seriously. It's a little hard to see in this photo, but Santa is holding a deer rifle.

Santa2 by spudboy67
Santa2, a photo by spudboy67 on Flickr.

Yeah, Santa's getting ready to waste Blitzen.

And in case anyone's not getting the full horror of this situation, they include this little guy:

Santa3 by spudboy67
Santa3, a photo by spudboy67 on Flickr.

With a look in his eyes that seems to ask "Why, Santa? Why?"

Who would come up with such a thing? What sort of twisted mind at the Christmas decoration factory said "hey, I know. Let's put Santa in a tower with a rifle like Charles Whitman, and have a little reindeer looking on in terror. A little reindeer that knows he can only remain out of sight for so long before the Reaper Claus rains death down upon him. You know, Merry Fuckin Christmas!"

And how many layers of management does an idea like that go through before the final approval is given and the inflatable lighting homage to death is manufactured and shipped to the stores? Are they trying to ruin Christmas? And childhoods?
Oh, I found a picture of it online. Here it is in all its splendor!

You can really see the gun in this picture.
Actually, in this picture, Santa looks a bit less bloodthirsty. He kinda looks like he's embarrassed that Donder has stumbled on to him in his deer-killing lair. Like "oh, Donder, heh heh. Ooooh, this is awkward. Was that your mom I just shot?"