Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beware of Turkeys!!! 

1. Sacrificed to Allah? Do Muslims even do animal sacrifice?  And if they do, would they really say "this turkey I sacrifice to you, oh great Allah. J/K, LOL! we're going to sell it to an infidel for Thanksgiving!
Gotcha, Allah!

2. How do you think that turkeys are normally killed? You don't think their tracheas and aortas are severed? You think they have some sort of humane lethal injection process or something?

3. Do you really think that Butterball employees are taking the time to recite an Islamic prayer every time they slaughter a turkey? You think Butterball turkeys aren't raised on factory farms and slaughtered on an assembly line? Do you have any idea what modern turkey farming looks like?  

(hint: Not like this so much)

4. What if they really were? What if the Butterball people really were following halal butchering practices? How would that affect the eaters of the turkey? Wouldn't the cooking process kill any Muslim cooties that were in the bird? 

I once ate a bagel, and look at me now!
--Chin Ho Pak