Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stupid is as stupid says

Well, the 2016 presidential campaign is still in its infancy, but I'm pretty sure we already have a winner for dumbest thing said by any candidate this round.

Donald Trump Claims 14th Amendment Is Unconstitutional: ‘It’s Not Going To Hold Up In Court’

An amendment to the Constitution is "unconstitutional."
I can't even come up with an analogy for how absurd that is.
I got nothing.

Oh, wait. Huckabee might have just topped him!

Huckabee: Martin Luther King Would Be ‘Appalled’ by #BlackLivesMatter

Okay, first of all, fuck you, Huckabee.

Fuck you for invoking Rev. King to try to discredit black activists. And second, fuck you in general.

Seriously, though? Dr. King would be "appalled" by people who share not only his goals but his commitment to non-violence? How do you figure that?

Never mind, please don't answer that.