Saturday, October 3, 2009

Way to blow the Olympics, Mr. President!

So, I keep hearing that Rio being chosen over Chicago as the host for the 2016 Olympics is tantamount to the world's rejection of Barack Obama.

Rio chosen over Chicago, hmmm. . .

Yes, clearly this is a repudiation of president Obama, what other reason could there be for the memebers of the IOC to choose Rio

over Chicago?

Hmmm. . . What does Rio have

that Chicago doesn't?

Tough call!

Chicago. . .

. . .Rio

Famous Chicagoan. . .

. . . famous Rioan

Chicago's main export . . .

. . . Rio's main export.

yeah, it's a puzzle all right. I guess there's no one to blame but President Obama. Way to go, Mr. President! You blew it!