Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crazy Candidate of the Day: Our first back-to-back winner!

Nevada's Sharron Angle just continues to top herself!
You kinda have to admire the dedication and commitment to utter insanity it takes to produce a track record like hers. Here's the latest:
(from the Las Vegas Sun)

Angle: “What’s happening (in America) a violation of the 1st Commandment,” entitlements “make government our God.”

You know, when I fired at the headline, I thought she said "First Amendment." Which seemed pretty nutty, but not up to her usual standards. But no, she says America is violating the First Commandment. And I'm pretty sure she's serious.

That's what Sharron Angle, the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate, said in an April 21 interview with TruNews Christian Radio's Rick Wiles. I have obtained audio of the interview, previously unnoticed, which contains some startling rhetoric from the candidate who has said running for office was a calling from God.

Apparently, God has a sense of humor. "Hey, Saint Peter. Check it out, I'm going to tell that crazy lady to run for the Senate! pffft! Oh, man, she's really gonna do it! This is going to to be classic!"

But in this interview, she goes much further:

"And these programs that you mentioned -- that Obama has going with Reid and Pelosi pushing them forward -- are all entitlement programs built to make government our God. And that’s really what’s happening in this country is a violation of the First Commandment. We have become a country entrenched in idolatry, and that idolatry is the dependency upon our government. We’re supposed to depend upon God for our protection and our provision and for our daily bread, not for our government."

Right. She makes a good point. Back when this nation still had good values, we didn't need a police department. We just relied on God to protect us from criminals. And an army? Ha! That would have been a waste, what with God keeping the Russians from invading.

We should totally go back to that, but why stop there? Let's just ask God to build us roads and bridges. And if your house catches on fire, just pray for rain! Oh, we're going to save so much money! Matter of fact, why should I rely on my employer to provide me with a paycheck? That sounds pretty idolatrous! I'm going to quit my job and just wait for manna to fall from the sky to provide me with my daily bread.

"And I knew that all along when I started praying over a year ago over it. And this just seemed to be the battle that I needed to go to war with. And I need warriors to stand beside me. You know, this is a war of ideology, a war of thoughts and of faith. And we need people to really stand for faith and trust, not hope and change."

Yeah, fuck you, hope!

What the hell did I do?

Also, one does not go to battlewith a war. That's like going against a baseball game with an inning. It just makes no sense. But hey, it's so great that you see our Nation as a battleground for your religious crusade. Especially when you talk about "Second Amendment remedies" And "taking out Harry Reid." That sort of violent rhetoric can only lead to positive results!

We all have plans, but at the end of the day we need to be content with that thought that God has ordered this day and that he will work it to get it for our good according to Romans 8:28. And also those things in the Old Testament where he says the world means it for bad, but God means it for good.

So then what's your fucking problem? If you believe that God will turn these "bad" things (like healthcare reform) into "good"( like, I guess, no healthcare for anyone?) then why bother to run for Reid's seat at all? Why not let him put his nefarious schemes into practice and trust that God will make them turn out for the good? Maybe these "bad" things are part of God's plan and He might take umbrage at your interfering with them.

Hey, if God "called you" to run for office, did it ever occur to you that Mormon God might have called Harry Reid to do the same? Maybe Harry Reid being the majority leader was Mormon God's plan. I'm pretty sure you don't want to tick off Mormon God!

Angle: We’re at war in this country – for our freedom, our culture, for our liberty, our Constitution, and we need a true, battle-tested, proven, Constitutional conservative to take out Harry Reid. It isn’t just about anybody but Harry.

Really? It's not about the betterment of our nation? It's just about sticking it to Harry? Really?

When he says that he’s voted seven times against partial-birth abortion, we need someone who can say, “And I have a better pro-life record than you, Harry Reid, and we don’t like the way you confirm our Supreme Court judges, who are all pro-choice.

All of them? Really? Who has Harry confirmed? Let's see, there's John Roberts (Catholic, pro-life) Samuel Alito (Catholic, pro-life) and Sonia Sotomayor who can't necessarily be counted on either side of the divide--as Black Christian says of her: "she has reached outcomes in some cases that were favorable to abortion opponents. Now, some abortion rights advocates are quietly expressing unease that Judge Sotomayor may not be a reliable vote to uphold Roe v. Wade. . ."

So who are all these pro-choice justices he's been secretly confirming?

The same thing stands for those who love our Second Amendment. Harry Reid now has the NRA saying, “Thank Harry Reid for all his pro-gun votes.” Well, I have the GOA endorsement and we know that once again those Supreme Court judges would take away our right to keep and bear arms.

Okay, I don't know anything about the GOA (Gun Owners of America) but how could they possibly be any more pro-gun-nut than the NRA. And which judges have ever shown any evidence that they would take away your right to keep and bear arms? That's only taking place in your imagination! Would the NRA seriously throw their support behind Reid if any of this were true? Do you really think you know more about the battle over the 2nd Amendment than the N.R. Freakin-A?

Angle: We’re right to that point in the graph where it says, “government dependency.” And we know that once we have a majority that are dependent upon the government, we will lose our freedom; it says we go into bondage.

It says? What says we go into bondage? This graph you refer to? Some crazy book you read? What says we go into bondage?

Did someone say Bondage?

No! Never mind. False alarm!

Our Founders warned against this. They said don’t… that your liberty is only as secure as the people are. Because once they, um, get the ability to vote themselves entitlements from the largesse of the government, liberty is done; freedom is over with.

Okay, it wasn't "The Founders" who said that. It was a fairly obscure Scottish professor named Alexander Tyler. And here is what he actually said:

"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a
permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until
the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from
the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for
the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury,
with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose
fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship."

And there's no reason to think he was right about this. How many democracies had existed at the time he wrote this (1787)? What models did he have to base this on? The Roman Republic, and the Golden Age of Athens? I don't know how much relevance those examples had in 1787, let alone in the 21st Century.

I’ve also been endorsed by a PAC out of Washington D.C. and the name of that PAC is Government is not God. And I thought that that was so appropriate because that is really what’s happening in our society and we need to take our country back.

Vote for me! I've been endorsed by a PAC of lunatics!