Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Contest! With Prizes! At least one prize, probably.

I will give a prize, and I don't yet know what that prize will be, to anyone out there who can explain why this is supposed to be funny, or what the joke is supposed to be.

Okay, so it's a guy shouting "Social justice!" while kicking over a table of chintzy Washington DC souvenirs while a policeman with a medieval mace, a Sikh man, an 18th century British soldier who may be a lady or may be wearing the wig of an aristocrat, and a guy who will be performing in Guys and Dolls this evening at your local dinner theater look on nonplussed.
Also, there is a tank. And a tiger. And a lion.
Oh, and a snake. Wait, two snakes.

So what's the joke supposed to be?

First, a bit of background. I became aware of this "comic" "artist" a couple days ago when Wonkette featured some of his nonsense.

His nom de douche is Relampago Furioso and he cleverly entitles his series "politically Incorrect Comics," so you get an idea of just how frightfully clever he must be. Most of his comics seem to center around scenarios like: a man tries to be friendly to a female co-worker. She is bothered by his friendliness and has him fired. The end. Which is hilarious because this is totally what happens all the time! You know, a few months of staring at her boobs, a few unsolicited shoulder rubs and an insistence on daily "hugs" and the next thing you know, she's on the phone with HR!


Yep, if only American women were more like this fictional Cambodian beauty, wandering up to strange foreign men and offering to date them, then cook for them and then probably do sex with them.  But nooooooo. . . they're too busy scheming to get innocent men fired for no reason because in America, women have all the power and men are just helpless pawns in their sick little games.

Oh, and also climate science is some sort of religious cult? Or something irrational? I guess?

Seriously, if anyone can explain to me why that first panel is supposed to be funny and/or what the joke is, I will definitely send you a prize!