Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Worst Slogan Ever

The worst slogan ever in the history of slogans anywhere in the world ever:

I don't even have a joke here. I have nothing to say except I miss Mr. Whipple. I miss the days when toilet paper companies just assumed that we knew what their product was for and didn't need to discuss it.

It feels soft against your face. No need to mention what else it might feel soft against.

Charmin was already on my enemies list for their obnoxious bear in the woods ads.


 Do we really need to be subjected to cartoon bears with bits of tissue stuck to their hinders shaking their tushies in our face to sell us Charmin? (hint: no.) 

But now they've really gone over the edge. Look at their new web presence:

Welcome to the playful side of TP. Where we believe going to the bathroom is a thing to enjoy — even celebrate.

If our Bears don’t do the trick,
 check out this video to learn more about Enjoy the Go.
Roll the clip

Yes, I'd love to read random people describing their experience with Charmin toilet paper! Don't leave out any details!