Thursday, November 6, 2014

Election WTF's

Gawd, this fucking election!,width=190,height=190,appearanceId=2.png/wtf-maron-angst_design.png 

 I really don't even want to think about it, but what the hell else am I gonna write about?

Here's a few WTF's from the 2014 midterms.

 First of all, WTF, Arkansas?

You vote to raise the minimum wage. Okay, that's good. but you raise it to $7.50 an hour? You know the current federal minimum wage is $7.25, right? I mean, I know your state minimum wage was $6.25/hr, so it probably seems like you're getting a $1.00 per hour raise, but you aren't because the Federal wage supercedes your state wage, so you went through all the time and trouble of gettingthis initiative onto the ballot and passed for a lousy 25 cents an hour? WTF?

Also, you vote to increase the minimum wage, then elect a Senator who opposes raising it? How does that logic work? How is it that you can step into the polling booth, say "YES" to an increase in the minimum wage and then think "I'm gonna vote for this fucking teebagger scumbag who will make sure that people in other states don't get any increase?"

And WTF, Iowa?

Joni Ernst? Are you fucking serious with this shit? We always thought of you as a sort of moderate-conservative-not-insane kind of a state, but when you elect the next Michele Bachmann, I guess we have to reassess your standing. I mean,you want to elect a far-right Republican? That's your business, but my God, this woman is a lunatic!

This is a woman who thinks that global warming is fake and Agenda 21 is real.

This is a woman who thinks that not only can states 'nullify" and Federal laws they don't like, but that local police can arrest anyone who does try to enforce Federal law.

This is a woman who thinks that she might have to defend herself against the United States government with a gun she keeps in her fucking purse! 
 What ya got there, lady, a .38? Good luck with that!

 Seriously, Iowa. WTF?

Also, WTF, Wisconsin?

Thousands of you will show up at the capitol to protest Scott Walker, but you won't show up at the polls to vote him out? 

You hate this smug son of a bitch, remember?  I mean, we all hate him, but you actually had the chance to do something about him. Remember this?

What happened to this? Where did all these people go? Not to the polls, apparently.

WTF, Wisconsin?


I managed to watch about 10 minutes of your election night coverage before Chris Matthews made my head explode. First, he said, and I'm paraphrasing here, that both candidates in North Carolina had some negatives. Hagan was seen as being too close to Barack Obama and Tillis "destroyed their education system." WTF?!?! How do you drop those two facts next to each other as though they were anywhere close to equivalent? 
Dude, that's like, my bit!
Then he took a little jab at FOX, which was totally appropriate, but immediately backpedaled saying "no, they're a great network." No, Chris, they are not. You were right the first time, don't apologize. 

Then he said that right-wing nutjob governor John Kasich was a great guy and a good friend. 

How does being good friends with John Kasich not disqualify you at least from covering Ohio? How are you not required, whenever the Ohio governor's race comes up, to recuse yourself and leave the room? 

How does MSNBC continue to employ this twit?