Monday, September 12, 2011

Please, Please, Let's all stop talking about 9/11!

Please. We can not allow ourselves to become a nation that defines itself by its greatest tragedy. We just can't. That's not America.

This is America: 

This is America: 

Hell, even this is America: 

We've always been a country and a people who defined ourselves by our triumphs. We can't allow ourselves to be defined by our greatest loss. There is already an element of that here in the South where some folks still fly the Confederate flag, and there are monuments to Confederates and the Confederacy scattered here and there. (see Stone Mountain) It's sad. 
We can't let the whole country become this guy: 

For ten years, I've been seeing t-shirts, bumper stickers and what have you with the slogan "Never Forget!" on them. As if anyone could. No one is ever going to forget. People still remember where they were when Kennedy was shot. I remember where I was when the Space Shuttle blew up, and I didn't even care about the space shuttle. No one is ever going to forget, but we'd like to put it out of our minds. We don't want to re-live that day, that day was horrible. Why wallow in it? 

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The only people that want to re-live that day are people who get a certain enjoyment out of righteous anger. And I get that, righteous anger can feel really good for a while. But anger, righteous or not, does things to a person. Anger wears you out. So does fear, so does hate. All the emotions you feel when re-watching 9/11 footage damage your soul. It has to stop. It's like instead of watching your wedding video, you watch a videotape of your spouse's funeral. And watch it over and over. What do you think that would do to you? Nothing good. It has to stop. We're never going to forget, but we have to get past it. We have to go back to normal life. 9/11 was a terrible terrible thing, but that people who perpetrated it are dead. The person who  masterminded it is dead. And way way too many other people who had no guilt in the matter are dead, both "ours" and "theirs." It has to stop. It's not healthy. Please, let's stop talking about 9/11. Please.

Nice Going, Fareed! Where the hell was this in 2002?

Zakaria Destroys Rumsfeld’s Iraq War Talking Points


Yeah, that's great! Asking Rumsfeld the tough questions. Of course, back when it still could have made a difference, Fareed Zakaria was churning out crap like this:

Why It's Now Or Never With Iraq

Dec 1, 2002 7:00 PM EST

. . . Iraq is surely producing weapons of mass destruction. The United Nations and the United States have accumulated powerful evidence of this over the past decade, including testimony from Saddam. . .

Saddam has learned his lesson and is planning to "cooperate" for months, maybe years. If he does so, not only will the momentum for genuine disarmament and war slip away, Russia and France will begin clamoring that U.N. economic sanctions against him be lifted.To stop events going down this road, the administration must force a crisis.

Why Iraq Is Still Worth the Effort

By Fareed Zakaria
Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So now you're going to pretend that you weren't on the wrong side of history on this one? You're suddenly going to put down the cheerleader's megaphone and put on your real journalist hat? Too little too late, Fareed.