Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bad Ads -- Paper Airplanes

What the hell is wrong with this kid's mom? The kid's father is deployed overseas. The kid, who obviously misses his dad, writes him letters. Now any normal mom would put those letters into an envelope and send them to the dad. But no, not this mom. She lets the kid fold the letters into paper airplanes and toss them over the fence, littering the neighbor's yard with sheets of paper.

she doesn't say to the kid "how far do you think you can throw a paper airplane? 30,40 feet? Maybe 50 with a tailwind? Do you have any idea how many feet it is to Iraq? Come on, we're going to the post office.
I mean, it'd be one thing if the dad was dead and the kid is trying to throw letters to Heaven, then I could see where you'd just humor the kid. But if the curmudgeonly old neighbor hadn't discovered a soft spot in his heart and mailed the letters to the guy's Army base (which, for some reason he knows where the guy is stationed), the kid would have just thought that his dad was ignoring his letters and doesn't love him. All because the mom was too stupid to buy an envelope and a stamp, or such a negligent parent that she has no idea that her kid is doing this and has anyone in this family heard of e-mail?

But, I guess that's their target market. The first few times I saw this ad, I assumed it was for UPS or FedEx or the Post Office, but no. It's for "Paper and Packaging."  Paper and Packaging apparently need an ad campaign now. This commercial is apparently aimed at people who are thinking "Gee, I sure wish I had some sort of substance on which to write my words, and also some sort of, I don't know, container, I guess, to transport that substance from one place to another," see this ad and say "Paper? Packaging? Eureka! My prayers have been answered!"