Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The most bizarre moment from New Hampshire

I was falling asleep when the various candidates started making their post-primary speeches, but I caught bits and pieces. And I got to tell, you, in an election with Trump, Carson, cruz, et al i was shocked to hear the most bizarre moment come from governor John Kasich. I can't find a transcript on line, so I'm paraphrasing a bit, but the story basically goes like this:

After one of Kasich's town halls, a crying man walks up to him, throws his arms around Kasich and says "it's my son. He has cancer, and I feel as if I didn't warn him." What the fuck the guy means by that is anyone's guess. But Kasich says to him "that's horrible. But it's not your fault." The guy goes back to New York, where he lives, and somehow through some third party communicates to Kasich that this conversation has taken a huge weight off his shoulders.

So Kasich wants us to believe that this father somehow blamed himself for his son's cancer because he failed to warn him that cancer was a thing that people get? Anyway, the father blamed himself for some inexplicable reason until he travelled from New York to New Hampshire to unburden himself onto the governor of Ohio who told him what had apparently never occurred to this strange strange man who doesn't exist that his son's cancer was not his fault. How many years had this man been feeling guilty about his son's cancer and no one told him it's not  his fault? Or maybe they did and he said "that's nice of you to say, but unless I hear it from the governor of Ohio, I won't believe it." And then, after he goes back to New York, he fortunately knows a guy who knows a guy who can get a message to John Kasich so that Kasich could use this story in a campaign speech to make the point that. . . um. . . I have no idea what point he was trying to make. That we should vote for him because he's a sympathetic shoulder upon which to cry? Vote for him and he'll absolve us of any irrational guilt we may be feeling? I don't know. I thought maybe I was half dreaming, but I found a video of the speech online, and that is actually the story he told.

Video of the speech is here: The story starts right around 07:30.